The Reluctant Hero

Sometimes as an author my characters drive me bonkers. And yes, I argue with them. Believe it or not, these arguments are most helpful in learning who they are as a person in his or her universe. Some of these arguments are one-sided, some are an out right duel. So here I will post them, and now one begins.



Artist Unknown

Introducing: Nadir Aaberg

A handsome young noble who’s home was possessed/destroyed by a demon while he was very young. He lives on the main Bayon continent as a refugee. He works as a prospector, which (among other activities) has built up his strength so that he is arguably the strongest North-Islander of his village, though is not as large as many North-Islanders grow to be (which is significantly bigger than normal humans). He enjoys his quiet life, and has no ambition for adventure, change or to rule a kingdom, though he is next in line should his uncle not sire a child before his death.

When Nadir was born he was chosen by Death to become a necromancer, and has recently come of age to inherit those powers. Being the only available necromancer to banish a demon, he is being dragged on a quest to save a kingdom he can barely remember. He’s not learnt why he is doing this yet, other than for his loyalty to his uncle who is relying on him to play his part.

Nadir hates violence, and dreads change.


The Necromancer:  Children with the purest of hearts are chosen by Death to become necromancers at an appropriate age because these children will not take advantage of their borrowed powers. Their duty is to keep the spirits within their spheres: life, and the ones that follow after the body’s expiration–the spheres within death.

If a spirit returns to the sphere of life it is the necromancer’s job to banish it back into the spheres of death. They are able to call upon daimons–good spirits willing to assist the necro–and give them temporary animated bodies to aid them. All their powers are meant to keep the living and dead separated. They must be expert fighters to face the dangers that they are required to put themselves in as servants of Death.


Interior Argument:

Alright necromancer, time to put your game face on…don’t look at me like that.

Yes you have to kill some people. I know you don’t like killing people. Well it’s them or the good guys…let your uncle and brother do it? Come on! Who just spent three days dead training with Death?

I know that you’re disfigured because of how you died. No I couldn’t give you a new body when you came back to life…

Because of the drama that comes with your freakishly awesome scary appearance.

I know it’s stuffy in that armor, but elves wear it all the time. I know you’re not an elf.

Look, your scary face is going to save you from a terribly awkward and undesired romance with that one girl. Yeah you remember her. She won’t be able to take it, and believe me, you’re going to be grateful.

Ha! You’re already grateful. Look at that pout.

Dang it! If you don’t do it I’m gonna kill one of your companions!

Stop looking at me like that, you’re freakishly adorable when you angry-sulk like that. Knock it off, and go kill bad guys!


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