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Introducing: Malina Gryneth

A young woman who grew up as an orphan in Bayon from Brigandy (a land on the other side of the world from Bayon). She was taken in by the guild Protectors of Power, who’s purpose is to banish demons with groups lead by necromancers, and protect those that bear the stones of power once held by the Bearer of Power. Malina most often works with necromancers, but is sometimes used as an undercover agent who’s main purpose is to investigate suspicious happenings that may have a connection with demon activity.

Malina is quiet, sometimes awkward/nervous, and fears snakes (a police-guard) for purposes the guild has forbidden her to speak of. She plays a special part in “the end of the world”, but isn’t quite sure what that entails. She is super obedient to her guild-authorities, and is the most willing member of the guild. She values friendship and loyalty above all other things, and is the last person who will ever leave a man behind. She often puts herself in danger in an effort to make other guild-member’s jobs easier. She is determined to accomplish every mission she is given, and will put up with a lot to make sure that she does. She has the most control over her actions, not letting her feelings get the better of her no matter their intensity.

Malina dreads failing, and has a significant amount of skill, and power.

Nadir Aaberg


Me: Ha! Look at that Nadir! I wrote a whole two chapter and a halves with Malina. What do you think of that?!

Nadir stands in silence.

Me: Tell him Malina! Tell him it’s not so bad!

Malina: Well, Mistress Epicness, I did grow up fighting demons in the guild. I don’t know much different. And I live in a completely different time period. Poor Nadir here has spent his entire life mining rocks to make into armor, and the dwarves haven’t given out the technology for guns yet. He has to use an old fashioned sword. I don’t even use an old fashioned sword, and I wear old-age armor.

Me: …are you defending him?

Malina: Well…no? Mistress Epicness?

Me: Nadir. I can’t get the three books that come after yours out until I have finished yours. You are the first book of the second saga in Bayon. Malina here is only being written first when she is last because I need to make sure she doesn’t get any longer than one book!

Malina: I will try Mistress Epicness, to not get so complicated.

Me: That’s my job. You’re already complicated because of him (points at the monotone faced, six foot, straight-dark-long haired man dressed in high-tech armor gear. Malina squeals with wide-eyed fear to see the snake). Now Nadir.

Nadir stares in silence.

Me: What do you want?

Nadir: …I don’t know.

Me: (Throws back arms in complete frustration). You are absurd. Figure it out. What do you want?

Nadir: …when do I get to meet Noor?

Me: (Double blink). Why. Is that gonna speed you up, or slow you down?

Nadir stares at his toes shyly.

Me: Awe. You’re cute. I shouldn’t have let Death give you that preview of your quest.

Snake: Mistress Epicness.

Me: Yes Garbiel-Snake-Destroying Angel of Chaos?

Snake: Your character seems to be broken?

Me: (Looks over at Malina who has frozen solid). No. Malina’s a tough cookie, has epic skills, and wears old-fashioned-medieval styled armor like a boss, but she’s hecka scared of you and your friends. Just chill there.

Snake: Yes Mistress Epicness.

Me: Now. Nadir. Think of me as your shrink…

Nadir: (Uncomfortable). I don’t want you to be my shrink, Mistress Epicness.

Me: Why?

Nadir: You’re mean.

Me: I don’t let people get away with crap. That doesn’t make me mean. (Snake and Nadir exchange dubious glances). Now. Tell me how to help you want to go on your quest.

Nadir: …can I not die?

Me: No.

Nadir: But–then what’s the point?

Me: What?

Nadir: What is the point of my going on this quest? If I die then demons can come back, and take Norvalor over again. I would have saved my grandfather’s kingdom only to put my people back in danger where more demons can come. Is that any kind of logic?

Me: …point considered, and already remedied. Think of yourself as a cat, Nadir.

Nadir: Cat?

Me: Yes, Nadir. Except you don’t get nine lives.

Snake: Mistress Epicness?

Me: Yes Garbiel-Snake-Destroying Angel of Chaos?

Snake: Why am I still here?

Me: …because I think that (points at Malina) is funny. Stay there. Haven’t you ever watched an anime? It happens in those all the time. Malina doesn’t do it in the book really, but here, my sense-of-humor has free reign. Not that anyone else thinks I’m funny.

Snake: Ann-a-may?

Me: Oh don’t you love her? Annamay was kick-butt. I still don’t know if I’m keeping her alive till the end, or if she dies somehow…It’s hard to know who from saga one should show up again in saga two.

Nadir: You like killing us.

Me: (Big smile). Yes. Yes I do.

Snake: But I don’t die, Mistress Epicness.

Me: Nope.

Nadir: But I do?

Me: Yup.

Nadir: That isn’t fair!

Me: Gabriel doesn’t have cat-lives.

Nadir: What does that mean?

Me: It means you can die more than once, and still come back. Stop getting your thong in a twist.

Nadir: Thong?

Snake: You don’t want to know.

Nadir: How do you know what it is?

Snake: I live in an alternate-fantasy-tech-modern age of Mistress Epicness’s world. There are many similarities between her world and ours in my time. It’s just “cooler” here.

Nadir: You mean with the fantasy-tech stuff?

Snake: Yes. Your brother would love our bows.

Nadir: My brother loves anything that will shoot something dangerous due to the sheer power of a tight string.

Me: Thong.

My characters stare at me with queer expressions I am clearly aware indicate my level of absurd crazy.

Snake: May I…go…now?

Me: Are you going to give her a kiss?

Snake: (Glances at Malina). Do I have to?

Me: (Sing-song voice). It’d be funny.

Snake: Do you mean to make me uncomfortable?

Me: There’s going to come a day when you would have wished you’d done it.

Snake glances at Nadir, who shrugs.

Nadir: She is the author.

Snake walks over to Malina, and gingerly kisses her cheek. I smile giddily. Snake pauses, looking confused.

Snake: Is this what you call déjà vu?

Me: Ha ha ha! Just you wait Mr. Snake. Now go home! It’s time for you to dress in drag again!

Snake: Must I? This task you have given me is absolutely humiliating.

Me: Go on Keeper Serenity. You have a tight bun, and lipstick to put on.

Snake: Can I at least have a dress that doesn’t itch?

Me: No. Go on.

Snake exits. Malina takes a great breath, and relaxes.

Malina: What happened?

Me: (Whispers). He kissed you!

Malina: (Horrified). What?!

Me: He totally kissed you.

Malina: But why?

Nadir: Because Mistress Epicness is cruel.

Me: Are you going to let me write your story, or not?

Nadir: How long until I meet Noor?

Me: She’s waiting for you near The Sorrow. Now go! The sooner you let me get you there, the sooner you get to see her!

Nadir: Is she going to hate me?

Me: Noor doesn’t like anyone. Her people are super-hated by everyone, and so everyone sucks. Now go!

Nadir: I don’t want to meet her if she’s going to hate me!

Me: Nadir! Death showed you bits of what’s going to happen! Surely you saw something good that makes you actually want to meet her!

Nadir: I’ve been having dreams of her too…

Me: Oh yeah.

Nadir: She’s so sad, Mistress Epicness.

Me: (Sadly). Yeah. I know. It sucks being a mortal-elf. They’re hated worse than regular elves. Go figure. Now hurry up. Go, (dramatically) or she’ll be lonely forever!

Nadir nods, and rushes out. I turn to Malina who’s red as Rudolph’s nose.

Me: You go too. We’ve got some chaos to cause, and a girl possessed by a demon to save! Which will give you much more trouble to deal with. Like when Merlin saved Gwyn’s dad from dying, and it got her arrested for witchcraft…

Malina: (Blinks, uncertain of my reference). How long until I’m out of that academy? Ms. Serenity is so awful, I can’t near stand her.

Me: (Sly grin). Oh. I think you’ll get along soon enough. Good bye…

Malina sighs, and goes as well. Time to crack my knuckles, and get to work.

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