The Cursed Wanderer


Introducing: Carna

A young woman who was found in the Miskna Mountains where there is a kingdom of dwarves. A half-elf who hates her elf side, and a dwarf neutral of everything until he gets an opinion on it, take her in. Carna has no memory of her past from before the time she showed up in the mountains. She’s an excellent fighter in all manner of weaponry, and often travels to find trouble that she is frequently able to fix. She’s indirectly prevented wars, political battles, family feuds, and all sorts of chaos. She does this because [she feels] a part of herself runs away to the places in which these events boil, and the only way for her to feel whole again is to follow it, and fix the problem. After which that missing part of herself returns, and she can chill until it runs away again.

Carna is cursed (which needs no explaining because it becomes a topic of conversation below) by an enemy she doesn’t remember, and is desperate to have her dead. Of course she doesn’t remember what kind of threat she is to them. She is constantly being attacked by all kinds of creatures under the control of the Dark Heart (a man poisoned by evil who is intent on killing all elves, and turning the human race into immortal monsters).

Carna is a devoted, and loyal friend, so much so she secretly follows her dwarf and a band of warriors on a quest to hunt one of the most dangerous people alive, just to make sure he doesn’t get into trouble. She believes in peace, and is willing to fight tooth and nail for it. She has moments in which she is terrifying, but quickly wakes up from these spells as if waking from a dream. She is easily loved, and often stirs loyalty in others, a trait she’s never lost despite her curse and her faulty memory.

If Carna saw who she really was without her memories, she’d be terrified of what she saw.


*Feels a poking jab in her brain*. I slowly lift my head from my imaginary lazy-pillow on which I let myself go brain-dead, and search for the character that dared disturb my peace.

Me: Carna…

Carna: (Glaring at me). What are you doing?

Me: …taking a time out.

Carna: It has been at least a month.

Me: Writers are supposed to take a month or more off of a project once they finish their first draft. After four books, you ought to know that by now.

Carna: …four?

Me: (Pauses). Oh yes. I switched the order of your books, and you don’t know who you are…you wouldn’t remember anything before hand at this point. Even though I wrote everything else first. Adding your newest book, and putting it smack in the middle of everything is going to give me a headache if you keep showing up for a conversation. How am I supposed to know which time-version of you I’m speaking with? I’m not The Doctor.

Carna: Who?

Me: Never mind…sigh…

Carna: You edited my prologue and first two chapters last night…why have you not started again on the third?

Me: I did start the third, but three pages in I realized this was the chapter I got lazy on to rush through the first draft, and I haven’t the creative stamina to do the required editing at this moment in present time.

Carna: I want to know who I am.

Me: Too bad.

Carna: I have a notion that in some ways, I am based off of yourself. Do you recall which of your personality traits you bestowed upon me?

Me: My eloquent speaking habits?

Carna: No.

Me: My charm?

Carna: Charm?

Me: I’m charming.

Carna: To get your way.

Me: That or I get really mean. So why are you poking at my brain?

Carna: Do you know what it’s like to turn into an orc every red moon, which–according to the dwarves–seems to have become a more frequent occurrence since I woke up without a memory. Or what it is like to live with a dwarf who complains every time you leave the mountains, or to save people without knowing why you are really doing it, or why–

Me: Ok! Impatience. That was one of my faults I bestowed upon you…sigh…

Carna: Edit my book.

Me: I edited your first book. It’s done!

Carna: What first book?

Me: The book about the you you don’t remember.

Carna: (Glares at me). Who was I?

Me: I can’t tell you!

Carna: Why not?

Me: If I wanted you to know I would have already written it!

Carna: But you have written it somewhere. You reorder my books did you not?

Me: Yes. But you’re the Carna from the second book before the third book when you go crazy.

Carna: (Horrified). Do I become an orc forever?!

Me: (With malicious amusement). Why would I tell you that?

Carna: I am going to kill myself before that happens.

Me: You’re so dramatic.

Carna: Another one of your faults I have inherited.

Me: I’m not that dramatic.

Carna: Would you want to live forever as a monster?

Me: (Sheepishly). No…

Carna nods. She handles a dagger between her fingers.

Carna: What can I do to persuade you? Do you find the prospect of pain enjoyable, or unpleasant? Or is it death you fear?

Me: Pain yes, Death no. I love Death. He’s adorable.

Carna: (Blinks). Death is–adorable?

Me: My version of Death, so long as you don’t make him angry. Which is hard to do…unless you break one of the laws of nature, or his.

Carna: You are deviating from my threat.

Me: I don’t recall ever making you give out threats? Except for that one time…

Carna: There are moments in which I act completely out of my usual conduct…why do you do that to me? One minute I am completely neutral, and then someone does something and though I am often undeterred by most things, there are those that trigger this darker side of me. A side of me I cannot remember being a part of.

Me: Yeah. Your colder, meaner temperament has been suppressed by your curse. To be honest…you’re the scared sad version of me. Aside from your fighting skills, there’s not much to love about you.

Carna: …what? (Dejected). You mean…no one likes me?

Me: Don’t be silly. If I made you an empty shell that could fight, you wouldn’t be worth reading about. You’re the more tender side of yourself. The part of you that is rarely seen by anyone outside your circle of friends. It makes you vulnerable, and so before the curse you kept it hidden. Now that your stronger exterior, and temper–at least mostly–has been tempered, what’s left is the part of you you always kept hidden. That part of you people were blind to because of their fear. This you is now the only thing people can see. Now that I think about it…if you hadn’t been cursed, you might not have been able to get the allies you needed for the end of this saga.

Carna: Oh the things you do on accident that turn out to be a huge pivotal necessity for the success of your story.

Me: I’m awesome.

Carna: (Smirks). Which makes me awesome.

Me: That you are so right on. Just wait until you get your memories back–cough–if you do. I think you’ll appreciate yourself a lot more. Sometimes you have to experience a different life to appreciate the one you really live, even if it’s way more difficult.

Carna: So you’ll edit my book?

I slam my head on the desk. Carna stares, unmoved. She’s acting more like her old self in this argument then in the two books she spends being Carna. How is it that I bring out the suppressed side of her? Oh yeah…because I’m her higher power, authority, and a threat to her well-being. Instinct brings her true self to the surface. Ironic that she suppressed that instinct when she knew who she was for fear of losing control of her power.

Me: It’s a really good thing I cursed you and wiped out your memory. Who knows how long it would have taken for you to get over your initial problems if I hadn’t.

Carna: Would it have lasted the two books in which I am cursed?

Me: I dunno. Can I go to sleep now?

Carna: Sleep? Sleep? You are not going to sleep. You will either watch anime, or play GuildWars2!

Me: (Smirk). Ah yes. But my Sylvari is a lvl 60 now. Twenty more levels, and a bunch of gold, and I can buy the medium cultural armor for her, and she’s gonna look boss.

Carna: So then. It is to be the video games.

Me: I already watched a whole season of Hetalia today.

Carna: How can you play video games, and not edit my book?

Me: It takes little brain management to kill things on the screen. To edit the lazy writing of the whole of this book is going to have to wait until I have the juices and endurance for such a race. I just got home from a play rehearsal in which I am acting, singing, and directing in! Gimme a break. Go…kill an orc or something.

Carna: Killing orcs hurts.

Me: Oh yes. The other part of your curse. Man I gave you the short end of the stick.

Carna: Yes, I get turned into an orc every red moon, I feel their pain when I wound or kill them, and after killing thirty or so of them, I start to take on their wounds and bleed out.

Me: Yeah. But how often does that happen?

Carna gives me my classic doom’s day stare.

Me: Alright. More times than it should. But just you wait! In this book you get friends who are going to help you take care of that…or at least come to your rescue when you get out of hand.

Carna: I don’t want–

Me: Shhh…this argument is over. You have taken up 5 pages of my life. It is time that I go kill wurms, Sons of Svanir, jotun, and other things as I fill out the Norn’s starting map for some easy exp. Go to sleep. Maybe you’ll dream good things.

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