The Black Prince


Introducing: Prince Doristanen Savarion

The Elf Prince of Onalra the Black Wood, once home to the starling elves. Doristanen is the last starling elf in Bayon (until a second appears from the west). He’s been forced his whole life to shroud himself in black hood, scarf, and armor to hide his starling light (which is abnormally bright) to hide from enemies bold enough to attempt an attack on an Onalran. A habit he took on when his mother was killed because of his light as a child.

Of all the elves the Onalran are most feared, of all the Onalran Doristanen is the most feared. He is a skilled warrior in all manner of weapons, and deadly. He has only been matched by one person (the other starling). He is often cool in his demeanor, but becomes a monster when angered. Though Doristanen is light in appearance, the glow of his veins and eyes turn from blue to black when his power is in use, giving him the nickname “Black Prince”.

Doristanen is cool, still, quiet, and serious, but protective and kind almost to a fault. He keeps himself so busy with his duties, he rarely takes time to rest. He’s not been able to sleep since the death of his mother. He can become jealous when his heart is involved, which nearly costs him the one person he loves most.

Starling: An elf, sometimes referred to as a dark elf for the dark mantle that hides their star-light and turns their hair black, is an elf who is able to read and feel the feelings and intentions of another person’s heart. They are able to take on the feelings of others, and feel them as their own, and can project those feelings on to another. They are able to control the elements, and stars. They have the potential to create and control the galaxies, but must be powerful to do so. In their prelife they were the spirits that helped their god Eloah to create the galaxies, stars, and worlds.

Side Note: Doristanen’s mantle is so thin it allows his light to show through so that his hair is silver, and his eyes a white ice blue. It is rare for a starling’s mantle to be so thin they cannot hide their light.


The quiet is refreshing. I have company, but he is still and quiet as I…when I’m not picking on my characters, or in a foul mood. He’s working on some documents (probably the new border patrol assignments), and I’m sketching my sister as her character of the second saga, in which my companion is not present.

Doristanen has no interest in asking questions about the character he’s likely to never meet. Nor has he the inclination to ask when I am going to make an attempt to sketch him (it’s been many times, but I can’t seem to capture him just right). He neither seeks, nor has any interest in that–or any kind–of attention.

Doristanen: Mistress Epicness?

Me: Hmmm?

Doristanen: …

Me: …?

Doristanen: …

Me: …?

He’s choosing his words carefully.

Doristanen: Is there a reason you have not allowed me to see her?

Me: …

Doristanen: …

Me: …well…

Doristanen: …?

Me: She’s kind of ticked off at you…

Doristanen: That is to put her temper lightly.

Me: You’re the one who wouldn’t get rid of Nauvays when you had the chance.

Doristanen: (He sets his pen down, his jaw tightens, and his brow twitches…sexy). Who was it that so inclined me to keep her?

Me: (With a sage-like flare). I write as the character wills.

Doristanen: I did not will Eleventra’s fury.

Me: Nor were you capable of turning one away whom you thought needed your protection.

Doristanen: Why did I never read her heart?

Me: …I dunno. Why didn’t you? As your type of elf, you are very capable–and quite frequently–read the intentions of others. How did you not know Nauvays meant nothing good for you or anyone?

Doristanen: (Glares at me). Why did I not?

Me: Come on. You know the answer to that.

Doristanen: (Sighs, and lowers his head). I feared I could not save her.

Me: Like you fear you cannot save your beloved.

Doristanen: She will not let me now.

Me: (Chuckles). She doesn’t have a choice.

Doristanen: (Rises, suddenly angry). Mistress Epicness!

Me: (Startled). Whoa–what?

Doristanen: Where is she?!

Me: Say–wha?

Doristanen: Where is Eleventra?

Me: Whoa-k. Did we just..did you…(clears throat). We were just talking about how she was–angry with you. For lying, cheating, stuff…

Doristanen: What are you talking about? I have been pacing for hours, waiting for your attention to ask you where you have taken her?

Me: You mean Eleventra?

Doristanen: Whom else would I be searching for?

Me: Ok. I see what’s happened. You’re timeline is crazy because I’m editing your stories all at once. I had Doristanen from the beginning of book one a second ago, and now I have…end of book one and beginning of book two…or somewhere in book two, or three?

Doristanen: Why are you wasting my time?

Me: Excuse me. I am the author here. I am your evil, merciful, and creative overlord. I call the shots, buddy. All you get to do is react to the will of the story…actually….I do that too. But that is aside from the point!

Doristanen: Is she dead?

Me: …dead?

Doristanen: (He’s gone from furious to desperate). Please. She is not dead?

Me: (Tender smile). What do you think?

Doristanen: …what do I think about what?

Me: …Eleventra. What do you think about Eleventra?

Doristanen: Who is Eleventra?

Me: Oh for pity’s sake!

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