The Pack



The Twins. Burak and Guntur of Narfensy, accustomed to calling themselves “Thunder”, and “Lightning” (their nicknames given to them at the tournament in which they met the following characters). They are silly, adorable, and sometimes obnoxious, but they always mean well, and are a loyal friend who will always have your back. They enjoy drinking, and singing.

Amrod. Otherwise known as “Rock” in the tournament, he is the Cale Queen’s confidant, right hand man, and second in command. Amrod has grown from an uncertain, nervous soldier, to a no-nonsense man who has a talent for combat, and architecture. Few know he is a distant relation of the queen’s, and is a lower noble. He is the next in line for the throne because of the family feud that killed all his and the queen’s family. He only survived because of the queen’s magic, and they have been loyal to one another ever since.

Fintan of Korestes Called “Wolf” for his fierceness, and loyalty to those whom he considers a part of his pack, he is a bit reckless, and has a kind of care-less attitude toward most things. A little bit bossy, he is intent on destroying evil, but secretly hates violence. His best friend is Minel, whom he helped to train when they were young.

Minel of Korestes. Called “Ohtar” meaning warrior in the elf-language, is a quiet, shy, tender, and sometimes nervous young man. He’s worked hard to earn his place as a soldier, and even harder to be worthy of the acceptance of his fellow warriors. His goal is not to vanquish evil, but to protect the people he loves. He is obedient, and thoughtful, and always willing to do the hard things.

The Pack: The pack is made up of these five men, and Carna who was a part of the tournament in which they met.

Not so Much of an Argument

Burak: (Jumps into my room). Mistress Epicness!

Guntur: We have come to dote, and love, and honor you with our presence.

Burak: Oh Mistress!

Fintan enters in after them, Amrod also. Minel straggles behind, not certain that they should be entering my room at all.

Fin: Come on, Minel.

Amrod: It is quiet.

Burak: (He’s been pushed against the wall, the room is now too crowded). I do not think that we all fit.

Minel: I can go–

Fin: No. (He grabs Minel impatiently). We decided to do this together.

Minel: But she’s scary…

Fin: Only when she’s in the mood to kill.

Guntur: Does anyone know if any of us dies yet?

Amrod: Pray the story guides her to kill another.

Fin: We did not come here to wonder whom she intends to kill.

Guntur: Well I am certainly curious.

Gentle breathing…

Burak: (Squats, his finger to his lips, and his eyes wide). Shhh…

Guntur: (Spots me sleeping on the bed…don’t know how they missed it. It’s right in front of the door). The Mistress sleeps…

Amrod: Then do not wake her.

Minel: Good idea. How about we leave, and not risk her fury.

Fin: Come on, Minel. We came to see her!

Burak: So this is what she looks like…

Guntur: Familiar, hu?

Amrod: She reminds me of Carna…and someone else I know.

Minel: Who?

Amrod. An elf-lady I knew once. She is gone now.

Burak: Mistress Epicness! Why are you sleeping?

Guntur: (Grabs my shoulders and shakes me). Wake up! We want to play!

Minel: Stop! Have you not seen her when she first wakes up?

Fin: (Grins). No. Have you?

Minel: Yes! She is evil…

Fin: Why were you in her room when she was sleeping?

Minel: I do not know. Why do any of us end up in her presence?

Amrod: She beckons us with her imagination. Seems her sleeping is no exception.

Burak: (At the top of his lungs). Mistress!

Minel: (Ducks). I do not want to die!

Fin: Stop being so scared. You won the champion’s tournament. You bested the greatest and weakest warriors of the three human-realms in Bayon. Get a grip.

Minel: I am quite certain the Mistress is not human. And whereas she can destroy anyone of us with the tap of a key, we can do nothing to protect ourselves from her!

Burak: I think she is dead…

Amrod: What?

Burak: (Devastated, and tears in his eyes). She is dead!

Fin: Do not be stupid, Burak. (He shoves past the twin, and goes to my side. He looks me over, and starts to make some noise. He frowns that I do not react. He looks at Minel). Is she usually this difficult to wake?

Minel: (Shakes his head). No. That is why she gets so cranky. The Mistress is a very light sleeper. She cannot sleep most nights. It is why our stories are usually written during the moon-hours.

Fin: (Glances at Amrod, frowning). But she is breathing…

Guntur: (Wails). What do we do? Without an author, our stories will not get to be written. I will not meet a girl, or eat, or die tragically, epicly, or of old age!

Burak: We will travel her dead-imagination forever, stuck in a time warp that bounces us around from past to present to past to future to present to…

Amrod: Shut up! (He’s looked through the items on the box near my bed labeled kitchen, which is the box that my cat Frodo sleeps in). There is a strange vile here that is labeled Melatonin.

Guntur: She has poisoned herself!

Amrod: (Impatiently). No. It reads that it is to be taken a half an hour before bed time to help a person sleep. She has taken an herb that induces sleep.

Minel: Then we should not wake her.

Fin: Then why did we come?

Minel: We can come again later.

Fin: We have a training session later.

The others pause, unnerved by the twin’s sudden silence. Even when they are not speaking they usually move, or make noise, or are somehow forcing their presence upon others. Not one man is comfortable with their sudden wide-eyed stillness. Amrod, Fintan, and Minel turn to look down at the bed.

I have awoken, and I am angry.

Amrod: I think it is time to recognize our mistake and–

Burak/Guntur: RUN!

The twins, Amrod, and Fintan jet off out my door into the space where they exist when not currently present in my own mind. I glance up at Minel, who stares at me, his mouth tight, and his breath held. I smile at him, wink, and roll back into my bed.

Minel pauses confused, and then tiptoes out of site.

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One thought on “The Pack

  1. Jennifer on said:

    You are hilarious! I enjoy reading the shorts (arguments, discussions, ect.). I hope you always have this imagination.

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