Dream Man

My lvl 80 thief Sylvari: Ardis Mun

My lvl 80 thief Sylvari: Ardis Mun


Doristanen: Why are you still awake? You are not an elf. What reason have you to be up all hours of the night? It is not good for your human kind.

Me: I have insomnia…which I think I have you guys call erm…what was it…

Doristanen: Star-eyes.

Me: Yes. Star-eyes. I have that. So I’ve been watching reality crime shows and playing Guild Wars 2. I’ve become obsessed with cooking, and discovering recipes.

Doristanen: Mistress. You ought to be sleeping, or at least trying.

Me: What for?

Doristanen: We worry about you.

Me: You worry about me?

Doristanen: Of course. You are Eleventra, are you not?

Me: Well. I guess so.

Doristanen: She cannot exist without you.

Me: Yeah?

Doristanen: So I must care for you as I care for her, because my love for her is also yours.

Me: Oh my goodness this is all coming out of my imagination, and it is glorious.

Doristanen: Please sleep, Mistress.

Me: I think my brain is too tired to continue this imaginary conversation.

Doristanen: (Smiles). That is good then. Lay your head down there (points at pillow).

Me: I think that would be nice.

Doristanen: Will you have nightmares for the things you have been watching?

Me: …mmm…I don’t usually remember my dreams.

Doristanen: I will stay and watch over then.

Me: Awe. You really are treating me like Eleventra.

Doristanen: (Stares). You are Eleventra.

Me: (Content). Yeah. And someday, I’ll meet the real life Doristanen.

Doristanen: We will be different.

Me: That’s alright. Eleventra and I are different.

Doristanen: (Smiles). Sleep well Mistress.

Me: Hmmhmm…sleep well dream-man.

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