Flow of the Pen


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Me: I’ve got you pegged fool!

Nadir: …pegged..? Fool?

Me: (Triumphantly) I’ve figured you out!

Nadir: How do you mean, Mistress?

Me: You’re a handwritten story!

Nadir: Handwritten?

Me: The inspiration of you flows through the pen, not the keyboard!

Nadir: I am a pen? I thought you made me a necromancer?

Me: Cute. I didn’t know you knew sarcasm.

Nadir smiles.

Me: Alright! So we’ve got a notebook just for you. I have a lot of down time during rehearsals. So between editing Cinderella, singing, and dramatizing a governor’s wife, we’ll get your story written!

Nadir: You sound pleased.

Me: A bit apprehensive. I don’t know what to expect from you really.

Nadir: Have I become the unpredictable?

Me: Sadly, you have become too predictable. At least in writing you. We need to make sure you aren’t that way in the story…what crazy quirk, or interest do you have that people would be surprised by?

Nadir: …I play violent video games?

Me: You don’t have video games in your time period…how do you even know what they are?

Nadir: You play them.

Me: Ok. Yeah. No. Video games is a total boy stereo type thing anyway. The fact I play them is non-cliche because I’m an x-cheerleader (that what a season of nightmare and pizza) and a stoic bossy actress. People wouldn’t look at me and say–she loves her MMORPGs.

Nadir: None of that made sense…

Me: Hmmm…what can we give you..? You’re a guardian of the dead with super strength, who mines and refines various metals to be used in the making of weapons and armor. The twist is that you hate killing, you’re pure of heart, and don’t want to kill even the bad guys, but at this point you have come to terms that it’s them or the innocent. You’ve made your choice, but what’s the weird thing you do?

Nadir is quiet with me. We are both thinking. What beats the he-man and sweet-man cliche at once..?

Me: It’s a good thing I have time to think about this…

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