The One Everybody Hates

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Introducing: Qing

A dewin of substantial power. He is always looking for ways to grow more powerful quickly, and is a master hunter for items which do the trick. He sniffs out Eleventra’s magic and recognizes that she is receiving a boost from foreign items which he intends to retract from her whatever way possible, while also taking advantage of her womanly company, with which she is not compliant. His biggest faults is his greed, vanity, pride, and laziness. He prefers to command others to do his dirty work, and never recognizes when he is bettered for there are few that can.

Dewin: a wizard of an evil nature who ages normally and is given the full potential of his power immediately, which he receives from Boipelos the Dragon in the Pit, who is a being of great evil. Dewin can live for thousands of years if not killed by that which humans are normally susceptible to.

The Argument
Me: (Squeals) stop it Doristanen!

Doristanen: …what?

Me: (Starts crying). Stop being so wonderful!

Doristanen: …I did not do anything…

Qing: Am I wonderful?

Me: (Dead-face). No. You’re terrible…why are you here? I didn’t invite you.

Qing: But I am rather marvelous.

Me: I’m not editing your part of the book yet. Why are you here?

Qing: I should be in every book, and in every part of every book.

Doristanen: May I kill him?

Me: (Sighs). No. He’s important to the story…your story.

Qing: See. Importance is marvelous…and your bed looks inviting.

Me: I don’t think so pervert. Your dewin magic doesn’t work on me.

Doristanen: Why is he permitted to exist?

Me: (Smacking Qing’s wandering hands away). I already told you. He is important for the traumatic drama that is to ensue in the second and last book.

Doristanen: Who does he kill?

Me: (Gasps). Why on earth would you assume such a horrible thing?

Doristanen/Qing: Because that’s what you do.

Qing: You kill us.

Doristanen: (Annoyed that Qing is still here). Or at least have us kill each other.

Me: Ptch. Whatever. I don’t kill–everyone…

Qing: Do I live?

Me: …(crickets)…Spoilers…

The Twins: (Entering in, swords raised). Charge!

Amrod: Kill it!

Me: Whoa boys! What are you doing here?!

Amrod: We came to kill the nasty vermin of a dewin–

The Twins: Fart.

Amrod makes an annoyed face, but doesn’t argue with the concluding insult.

Me: (Smacks face). Minel!

Minel: (Comes in calmly). Yes Mistress?

Me: Please escort the chaos-brothers and our zealot out of the premises of my current state of imagination.

Minel: Yes Mistress. (Minel starts to usher the members of the pack away).

Amrod: We know what you are going to do Qing! I hope you remember me, and what I am almost going to do to you!

Qing: If we are to put things in order, you haven’t even met the twins yet! (Glances at me with superiority) So why are they coming together, already knowing each other?

I glare at him, annoyed.

Qing: (To Amrod). Ah yes. And remember what it is that I am going to do to you! (He points at his own face mirroring Amrod’s scar).

Amrod shouts and lunges forward, but stops in his tracks. Doristanen has barred Amrod’s way with his arm. Amrod frowns and glances at Doristanen. Doristanen nods for him to go with the others. Amrod, grumbling, goes.

It is time for me to smack my head down on the keyboard. My characters don’t usually know what’s going to happen in any part of the future, but since this scene Qing and Amrod are referring to is only a few chapters away, I suppose it’s not so strange…except then why doesn’t Doristanen know? Or does he..? I glance at him suspiciously until I realize he has brought order to my mind again.

Me: (Blubbering). Stop being so wonderful!

Qing: (Nonchalantly) I simply cannot help myself.

Doristanen, with a brief snarl, shuts his  eyes, and flicks his finger. A spark of lightning flashes from the tip of his pointer finger, and lands on the side of Qing’s face, who promptly convulses and screams for being electrocuted, minor though it may be.

Me: (Cries). I love you!

Qing: I love your body!


I hear cat screams outside my window. I sigh and walk out. It’s time to go retrieve my cat. Doristanen and Qing watch me go, and then leer at one another viciously, each boiling with power ready to be used. If there’s an epic battle about to happen…I miss it.

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