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The Masked Slipper

The Masked Slipper

The Fire Rose

The Fire Rose

Introducing: Rose & Nicolette

Nicolette is a Cinderella, sweet, forgiving, and loyal. She’s the first fairytale of a series taking place in a world where fairytale lives are relived daily, and she dreads hers. Knowing she’s a Cinderella has made her careful to not let her stepfamily know her potential, and so never lets herself be seen covered in soot. She doesn’t believe in happily ever after, and doesn’t suspect to have one. How can she if they don’t exist?

Rose is a Snow White. She’s fiery and brazen. Unlike most Snow Whites she gets along with her stepmother fairly well, but is waiting for the day she turns on her. Everything changes when she hires a huntsman, and now Rose is on high alert. She’s aware of her story also, and she doesn’t plan on going down without a fight. She has people to protect, and a life to live. No Evil Queen is going to stop her from doing either.


Rose: How long is it going to take for me to learn to fight? (She’s pacing, agitated. I’ve just written the Evil Queen, her stepmother, seeing her beauty for the first time. The tension has shot through the roof). I mean. She’s not going to waist time getting rid of me. If there was ever a vain person in the world it’s her. I can’t think many other Evil Queens have been so bad. They all killed for beauty, but she’s…she’s like a snake. She’s sweet and poisonous at once. What am I going to do?!

Me: I’m in control, take a breath.

Nicolette: She got me through my story alright.

Rose: But you’re a Cinderella.

Nicolette: It was more complicated than that. You were there.

Me: Shhh…I intend to publish you two on amazon. No giving anything away.

Nicolette: How long until I’m open to the public? (She sounds worried, her shyness has gotten the better of her).

Me: My sister–who is my target audience–has given me her notes, which I’ve attended to. Now I’m having my parents read it, who are more critical. Once I’ve made edits according to their advice, I’ll be sending it on to an author-friend who’s offered her help. I’ll attend to her notes, and then hope to the Fairytale Heavens that I can get you up immediately.

Rose: And what about me? I don’t want to sit in the waiting-pile like we’ve done for years.

Me: I’m working on you now!

Rose: Sorry. I’m just agitated. You’ve reworked me completely and now things are–well. They’re more intense than they were. I’m more intense.

Me: Yes you are.

Nicolette: Some apple cider, Rose?

Rose: Oh yes please! (She plops down and takes an offered glass).

Me: Your downfall…

Rose: You said you had everything under control. Are you going to let me die?

I smile.

Nicolette: (Whispering). Have you met her characters from the other world?

Rose: But that’s different–isn’t it?

I smile.

Rose. Oh you’re a mean brute! What’s going to happen to my people if I die?

Me: It’s not like the queen can live forever.

Nicolette: Can’t she?

Me: Well…I suppose if I were to have her do some immortal spell things that have totally become cliche. But the point of your tales is to take the cliche and totally screw with it.

Rose: We’re not like anything anyone has ever read?

Me: Not as far as I’ve found. Though that Huntsman movie totally stole my idea.

Rose: That’s what you get for not finishing us before it came out.

Me: It’s alright. I’ve upped it. Things just got more interesting.

Nicolette: Like you made things more interesting with me?

Me: Yup. Now go on you two. I’ve got some more writing to do.

Carna: Mistress?

Me: (Turns). Yes?

Carna: How is my story coming?

Me: I’ve edited you a good deal today. Nearly done…with book three. So…you know. Just looking for an agent or publisher for your first two.

Rose: Why aren’t we getting agent or publisher?

Me: Do you know how many people are rewriting fairytales, and how hard it would be to convince an agent to take a look at you all? Or maybe it’d be easier. I don’t know. Regardless. I can pump the fairytales out no problem. Bearer of Power is another matter entirely. I’ve been creating a whole new world–

Jasmine: Shining shimmering splendid–

Me: You ARE NOT my character. Leave.

Jasmine pouts as she exits.

Me: Alright. I’d like to finish this chapter of Rose’s before giving in to my wanting to play Guild Wars. So if you’d all politely return to your own worlds…(I shoo them off again).

Qing: Mistress Epicness!

Me: WHAT?!

Qing: I demand to be in this third book you are editing of the Power series.

Me: No! It’s been written, I’m editing. No room for you. Go!

Servant: Mistress. Have you seen Nicolette?

Me: Gone with Rose. Scoot scoot! (I chase them all away. When they’ve gone I wait, holding my breath. No one’s come. I sigh, and get ready to write until…)

Fin: Mistress!

Me: NO!

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