The idea of demons, ghosts and possessions is totally frightening to me since I wholeheartedly believed in it. But since my brother’s suggestion was to add something that scared me into my stories, the idea has kind of taken over. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of paranormal T.V. watching for ideas without scaring myself to death with horror movies. Ghost Hunter, Destination Truth, animes which have to do with ghost stuff, and other things have been my latest viewing pleasure. Though the idea itself is scary, these things (minus some Ghost Hunter and Destination Truth episodes) haven’t been so bad. So long as I don’t remember that it’s totally for real and possible!


Introducing: Chaos

Chaos is–in many respects–like that of other “god-like myth creatures” in other lore. In the case of Edar (the world in which the stories take place) he/she is an existence of total evil and darkness. Like Eloah (the god of Edar and creator of the spirits which obtain bodies and live there) it too can create “spirit-children”. These spirit-children in most cases are the “Destroying Angels”, which hunt Eloah’s spirit-children to poison them with the evil of Chaos. In result these spirit-children of Eloah are transformed, and born into the world as orc, trolls, goblins and other fouler seeming creatures.

Chaos, also called Serrus (may change), doesn’t create worlds, not seeing a point to let his/her children obtain bodies and then become stronger than itself. Its spirit-children cannot be born into Eloah’s world either, nor do many of them want to for the evil which has taken over them. Though one–Chaos’s favorite Destroyer–had a change of heart. Through much trial he was adopted by Eloah, and granted permission to obtain a body and live in the world which Eloah created for his children. The only problem was that he couldn’t be born naturally, so the dwarves had to create his body through science so he could “possess” it, becoming the ultimate demon. Chaos has been after him ever since, trying to destroy the body the dwarves were making for him, and taking him back for his lover again. But the Destroyer will not return for his loyalty to the one that saved him, and persuaded Eloah to grant him his wish for human-life. The Advocate. And so Chaos, knowing his love for her, will stop at nothing to use her against him, and trick him into his possession again.



Malina: Eek! What is going on?!

Me: What?

Malina: These men. All these men are absurd!

Me: (Chuckles). Yup.

Malina: But why? One’s a demon, another joined a gang, the other’s in drag, and the last is hoping to become an alien!

Me: Fun stuff isn’t it.

Malina: Not when you’re the one caught in the middle of it!

Me: Aren’t you feisty today.

Malina: Did I do something to deserve this?

Me: Just the rules of the game.

Malina: This isn’t a game!

Me: Mmmm…it is the battlefield of my imagination, which makes it a game. And you are the unlucky MC, which means all the drama happens to you.

Malina: Can’t I get a break?

Me: Nope. Constant torture is my mantra! Keeps the reader on their toes!

Malina: This is ridiculous. What’s happened to my mission anyway? Why did things suddenly fix themselves?

Me: Oh dear. You are quite clueless aren’t you.

Malina glowers.

Me: Aren’t you the one who keeps saying you’ve not been yourself? At this point the reader doesn’t even really know who you are, along with many of the characters you interact with. Doesn’t that give some indication as to something being terribly wrong?

Malina: What have you done?

Me: I’ve made it exciting!

Malina: By doing what? What’s happened to that spirit I was supposed to be tracking? That demon who nearly killed me? Where did he go?

I only smile and stare at her. Malina frowns. She takes a step back.

Malina: Oh…

Me: Oh yeah!

Malina: Am I going to die?

Me: Ha ha ha. No. Chaos needs you alive.

Malina: How long can someone live being possessed by the likes of him?

Me: I guess we’ll find out, won’t we, Chaos.

Malina/Chaos: Who me?

Me: Yes you.

Malina/Chaos: (Smiling maliciously). Well aren’t you clever.

Me: I wrote it you big dummy.

Malina/Chaos: So when do I get to see my darling Gabriel again? This body is not so easy to control. I haven’t been able to make her do what I want yet, and now she’s left him.

Me: You’ll get your chance.

Malina: What’s going on?!

Malina/Chaos: You see what I mean.

Me: Well you did choose to possess a descendant of an incredibly strong hellmesk, who’s been trained to be a paladin, who is also the Advocate. AKA the Destroyer’s saviour.

Malina/Chaos: I am well aware of whom I chose to make mine. I have used her image before for that very man.

Me: Then you shouldn’t be all that surprised. Did you really think the likes of her would be so easy to take over without her inviting you in. The only reason you can is because you’re Chaos.

Malina/Chaos: Exactly so. Which means I cannot be denied for long.

Me: Which makes things fun!

Malina/Chaos: You are strangely excited for one who is good.

Me: You forget, Chaos. I created you, and I can cause your demise. I am the ultimate ruler of this world which you are a part of. You only have possession of her because I wrote it for the sake of the story.

Malina/Chaos glowers.

Me: He’s looking for you, you know. He knows you’re here.

Malina/Chaos: Of course he does. I am his mother, his father, his creator, and his lover. He will always desire me.

Me: It was never you he desired.

Malina/Chaos hisses.

Me: And you know it. (Does a party dance). He gonna kick your butt! Fire and wings are your doom. Mwahahahaha! Have fun while you can. You’re not the only bad guy in this story!

Malina/Chaos: If you are referring to that puppet and the dragon–

Me: Ah, but a most recent brilliant idea of mine has made them more interesting, Chaos. You may be sorry you ever tempted them. (Laughs maniacally). I just got another brilliant idea! You’re going to hate it.

Malina/Chaos: What is it?!

Me: Spoilers!

Malina: Mistress!

Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah ok. (Waves magic wand. Malina takes a great breath and relaxes. She looks around, perplexed and frightened). Better?

Malina: Better. What happened?

Me: It’s not time for Chaos to come out and play yet. Good job breaking through.

Malina: It’s not going to last long is it. My sanity?

Me: Probably not. But don’t worry. Things get better. But until then, I’m going to make it much worse.

Malina: I hate you.

Me: You all do.

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