The Elemental Brothers




Because of the more or less unique characteristics of the elementals, it’s fairly easy to find their look alikes in anime (along with many other of my characters). Let’s face it. Anime is no respecter of realistic physical features. I mean, look at those eyes. I didn’t base my character’s appearances off these anime characters, nor are their personalities anything alike. Click the image to learn about its anime.


EarthCray is the element, earth. He is the king of the elements, a leader who is logical with great dictation skills. He can draw attention to himself with ease, never having to compete for the spotlight should he choose to take it. He has a strong sense of justice, and hates stupidity. Like Adrian he has a colder exterior. He prefers a close few friends rather than a large social group. People will follow him for his regal personality. He has a vast knowledge of things, and isn’t afraid to let others know it. Mother nature is his wife, whom he respects and admires. He enjoys taking control and showing off his power, but never does it needlessly for not wanting to waist his time.

LightSolas is the element, light. He is a kind hearted soul who is wise and aware of all things. He never gets angry, and takes things as they are. He is never offended, and cares deeply for those whom he has made family. Loyal, and fearless, he is the shining ray of hope that chases all fears away. Highly intelligent he is able to see both sides of any situation, and has a strong belief in mercy. His only true concern is protecting Darcta (darkness) from her own fears and weaknesses. His only weakness is her.

AetherAdrian (renamed Caelestist) is the element, aether or space. He is arrogant and sometimes condescending, a little prideful, and vain. He takes great care in creating perfection. He dislikes answering questions, and prefers the quiet. Despite his cold surface he cares deeply for those who have struggled in life. He has taken it upon himself to look after such people, and loves them as well as any father his children. The highest achievement one can earn from him is his respect.

FireConleth is the element, fire. He is swift in all things, and knows what he wants. He isn’t afraid of people thinking him a fool for fighting for what he believes in, no matter what it is. He is a friend that can always be counted on, though sometimes a bit temperamental. He is prone to impatience, but enjoys his friends, and is fairly tolerable. He has great self will and energy, and is usually very happy. He is accepting of all types of people. He’s boisterous, and passionate, and a warrior always ready to jump into action.
Though the elementals refer to each other as brother and sister they are not related. Created from their own element, by the same creator, they have a special bond, but were born individual of any other beings. They have no blood relations, and have only developed their close relationships through being carried in their stone-forms by the Bearer of Power.

The Argument:

Me: (Melts). You are all studs.

I have four elemental-men staring at me. They have now each been introduced into the final epic book (I hope it will be the final book), and I’ve got them all figured out! I went a little anime here with them, but felt able to do that for the nature of what they are. Crazy eye colors are not out of the question when you’re playing with things like aether. Oh Adrian. You’re going to have a special fan-base if I ever get you guys out of my room!

Cray/Earth: You do realize that we are trying to have a meeting.

Conleth/Fire: Ah let her be. She is the creator after all.

Adrian/Aether: You only say that because you want her on your side.

Conleth glances at Adrian, though doesn’t appear to be offended or concerned by his drawl.

Conleth/Fire: You would be too if you wanted her to ensure your heart’s happiness.

Adrian/Aether: I have no love interest.

Conleth/Fire: Don’t you want one?

Adrian/Aether: I have no desire for such a trivial story arch.

Cray/Earth: You are the only one desperate for your happy ending, Conleth.

Conleth/Fire: What about Solas! He is the only other one of us who is in love and not with his love.

Solas/Light: I am not worried.

Adrian/Aether: Shut up. Yes you are.

Solas/Light: You mistake my concern for her for a concern of not winning her. I have no worries because she has already been won.

Conleth/Fire: But you aren’t married yet.

Solas/Light: Seeing as the lady keeps disappearing we haven’t much had a chance.

Me: Hang on a second. I’m just realizing what I did. Two elements are married, two are in love, and two are currently uninterested…That’s earth, water, light, fire, air and aether…who am I missing.

Solas/Light: My lady, Darkness.

Me: Oh yes! So three in love.

Cray/Earth: Perhaps you should sleep, Mistress, and let us back to our meeting.

Me: Where’s Malina? Isn’t she supposed to be here?

Cray/Earth: Actually Mistress, this is a meeting concerning that lady. A meeting which you have not yet begun to dream up.

Me: Wait…that means I’m writing story right now as I’m talking to you lot.

Adrian/Aether: She catches on quickly.

Me: (Points finger at him). Watch it you.

Adrian/Aether: (Smiling smugly). You did create me this way, I remind you.

Me: And I can’t help but add you to my list of self-created fantasy men.

Conleth/Fire: Adrian’s a jerk.

Me: Only on the surface!

Adrian/Aether: I could care less what you think of me, Conleth. I’m not the one chasing after a hopeless love. Have you ever considered that she may be running from you because you’ve been after her since before you had a physical form with proper anatomy?

Conleth/Fire: Our stone bodies don’t count!

Adrian/Aether: Every change in bearer you tried to convince her to bear you. What a fool.

Cray/Earth: Enough. (Getting irritated). We need to discuss how we are to save Malina.

Me: Oh…I just wrote that didn’t I. Chaos has finally taken over. Where’s Gabriel. Aren’t you going to use him?

Solas/Light: He is currently tearing apart the dungeon, Mistress.

Me: What?

Adrian/Aether: The Destroyer is so livid at the turn of events he has decided to take his anger out on the empty dungeon. He is after all not technically human. His strength rival’s even our own. You have made him very angry.

Me: I didn’t think about that.

Cray/Earth: Yes. Well. We do intend to use him to save her. Chaos would let no one else get close enough to her to do so. But until then we must have a battle strategy to defend ourselves against Chaos’s onslaught. Will you please leave us to it.

Me: Awe. But now I have to write it.

Cray/Earth: Then let us discuss. Perhaps that will feed your imagination.

Adrian/Aether: Best not feed it yet. She isn’t at that part yet.

Solas/Light: Always the logical one the two of you are.

Me: Solas! What are you doing here!

The others stare at my sudden outburst.

Me: When am I going to write you going to wake up the orc with Darcta?

Solas/Light: I must find her first.

Me: Then go!

Cray/Earth: All in good time, Mistress. For now, we need Light’s wisdom. You will allow us that, won’t you.

Adrian/Aether: (Bored). Always the politician. Can we please get this over with. I do have a city protect.

Conleth/Fire: We all have our duties. Yours is not more important than anyone else’s.

Adrian/Aether: You mistake me, brother. My duties are only more important than yours. For while you woo a cold starling queen, I am protecting innocents from this war we’ve yet to resolve for the slowness of our creator. (He eyes me with a mean glare).

Me: You waist your time in trying to hurt me. I am the ice queen and am rarely moved.

Cray/Earth: Mistress.

Me: Yes?

Cray/Earth: Please leave.

Me: (Gawks). I don’t think I’ve ever been kicked out of my own imagination before.

Conleth/Fire: (With pity). Well, Mistress. You are slowing us down. I do hope to get this meeting over with soon, as I am intent upon returning to that queen (he glares at Adrian) so that I may in fact, woo her.

Me: (I roll my eyes). Fine. I will leave you to it. But remember what you all must do. And for pity’s sake. Get in contact with the sky-elves. You’re going to need them.

Solas/Light: Do not let the dwarves hear you say that.

Me: Yeah, yeah. Temperamental little bugs. Go on with your meeting good sirs. I shant disturb you any longer.

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