The Masked Slipper

The Masked Slipper TOE


It has finally happened. Nicolette’s dream of publication has come true. Her story is now available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback. Click here or the image above to order your copy!

Standing in front of the prince she is being forced to marry, Nicolette realizes that her fairy tale has gone awry. She is a Cinderella, and she isn’t marrying the man she met at the ball she so begrudgingly attended in glass slippers she did not want to put on. She had always dreaded her fairy tale, but now she’s wondering what went wrong?

In this world where fairy tales are relived by the masses it is normal for the story to change, but not the love interest chosen by the magic. Instead of the sincere, kind, and charming masked-man she met at the ball, she is chosen by a spell to marry a complete stranger who is not only disinterested in her, but has the mental maturity of a ten year old.

But nothing is ever as it seems when Evermagic is involved, and through its guidance, Nicolette will find herself having to choose between leaving or staying with her new husband. But what is more, she must consider the possibility that she is now living in a second story, and this one might finally prove to her of her true worth.



“Take her hand, Highness,” the priest whispered.

Gladwin blinked his marvelous gold eyes. He stared at the man. He turned, and held his hand out to Nicolette. Nicolette placed her fingers delicately in his palm. Gladwin’s hold was light. His thumb barely touched her fingers. Nicolette frowned down at their linked hands. She shut her eyes. She was being forced to do this, but she had hoped. She mentally smacked herself. There was to be no day dreaming. No hoping. It was time to realize reality. He did not want to marry her, and she did not want to marry him, or so she told herself.

Nicolette heard none of the priest’s words. She silently reprimanded herself for even thinking there might be a spark with the prince as there had been with the masked-man. Nicolette peeked up into Gladwin’s face. She couldn’t deny that she was undoubtedly attracted to him. Her eyes flew down quickly for the thought. She hated herself for admitting it to herself. She wanted to hate him.

“My dear.”

Nicolette blinked many times. Her brain slowly caught up with the priest. She stared at him blankly. Her doe-eyes shone big and round as if caught in the light of a thousand torches.

“Will you take Prince Gladwin for your husband?”

Nicolette stared at the priest. She opened her mouth. Nothing came out. She closed her lips, and turned to gaze at their linked hands. She felt nothing, but what choice did she have? Return to her father’s cottage? Claudette would be more hateful than ever to her if she tried. Then where else would she go? Rose couldn’t take her in. She had a dreadful fairy tale of her own. Nicolette had no other friends. She had nowhere else to go. She had no trade to support herself. Cleaning up after people wasn’t much of a life. Not one that she liked. Nicolette closed her eyes. She tried to keep her chin from trembling. She would not cry. Not on a day she was promised happiness, even if she didn’t see it yet.

“I do,” Nicolette said so quietly the priest had to lean in to hear her. He blinked, and smiled and nodded to the crowd. They seemed to sigh a collective breath. Nicolette frowned.

“You may kiss the bride!” The priest said, relieved. Gladwin stood straight and still. He stared at the priest as blankly as he had the whole of the ceremony. He did nothing. The priest looked up at him. He cleared his throat. “Gladwin, kiss her.” He gestured to Nicolette.

Nicolette’s eyes bulged. Her breath caught in her chest. She couldn’t breathe.

Gladwin lowered his brow, confused. “Where?” He asked.

Nicolette nearly choked on the breath she held. The priest was not so stunned.

“Erm…” The priest thought. “Traditionally it would be on her lips, Highness. But if you are uncomfortable with that, perhaps her cheek?”

Nicolette stared. The prince leaned closer to the priest. He raised his brow. “The lips?” Gladwin sounded nervous. Nicolette glanced about at the flowers, wishing they had answers. Their heads bobbed in the breeze so it looked as if they laughed at her. Nicolette frowned.

The priest nodded. “Or the cheek,” he whispered back.

Gladwin passed Nicolette a look. It was one that reminded her of her younger years. A time when boys and girls were afraid of one another’s germs. Back then it was as if they were somehow different or more fatal than their own.

“But she’s a girl,” Gladwin hissed to the priest.

The priest grinned, amused. He tried to hide it. “Yes. She is. Now go on.” The priest urged kindly with a nod of his head and book.

Gladwin straightened. He turned to Nicolette, and kissed her on the cheek loud and quick. Nicolette’s brow lowered, her lips pressed together, her eyes shifted.

Something was not right. Someone was keeping secrets.

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