Dragons Versus Unicorns

dragon's oath


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“What do you want for her?” He asked. The game was back on. His smile and air of challenge had returned. His hands were placed purposefully in his dark jean pockets, his black leather jacket perfectly fit over his blue sweater vest, button up shirt, and tie. He looked like he’d just jump out of a men’s fashion magazine.

“You can’t have her!” Wendy shrieked wildly.

Mun grinned. “My the unicorn is shaking.” He was right. Wendy shook as if shivering in the cold. Wendy swallowed. “Come along unicorn. She’s a pretty virgin. I’d like to have her.”

Wendy snarled. “And what would you do with her if I let you take her?”

“Nothing that this world thinks dragons do with virgins.” He grinned wickedly.

Wendy yelped. “You are all the same!” She sneered.

Mun rolled his eyes. “You know us better than that, Wendy,” he said.

“That’s only if you’re a half-dragon!” Wendy pointed at him. Mun pulled his hair away from his ears. Aspen looked as Wendy did. There were no charms. Wendy’s tightened shoulders fell into relaxation. “Oh. You are half.” She grinned. Her brow fell. “Ok. So she would be safe with you, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give her to you!”

“No.” Mun sighed. “I suppose not.” Aspen wondered why he sounded so disappointed.

“Wait. Why would you trust a half?” She stared at Wendy.

Wendy lifted her head. Her eyes narrowed at Mun. “It’s complicated.”

“No.” Mun frowned. “It’s not.”

Wendy stepped forward. She glared into his strange black eyes. “What do you want her for, dragon?” She asked. Mun growled. “Come now.” She grinned with mockery. “You know you can’t lie just as I cannot.” She lifted her smug face. “And dispense with the riddles and twists. I haven’t patience for that.”

“It’s not of your concern,” Mun stated. “I doubt you have anything to do with it.”

Wendy’s eyes turned to slits. “Whose side are you on, dragon?” She got into his face then. There was no fear in her eyes. “Not all follow their instincts to protect. Some have disgraced their kind.”

Aspen felt her knees shaking at the look of warning in Mun’s eyes. She wouldn’t have dared to challenge him the way Wendy did. But there was a change in Wendy now, like there had been at the fair, but this time, she looked fierce, like a Valkyrie ready to wing off into a great bloody battle. There was not a sign of fear or incompetence in her eyes. It was as if she felt herself as strong as this man who claimed to be half dragon. Was she?

“The war with the dragon has nothing to do with unicorns,” Mun stated. “Why should it matter?” He asked with the casual raise of his brow.

“Because it does concern the unicorns. Now.” Wendy sniffed. She looked down. “What is that?” She asked, distracted by the smell. Her eyes had dilated. The argument was forgotten.

Mun lowered his brow. He looked down. Aspen stared. Wendy was referring to his coffee cup. He slowly smiled. “You couldn’t handle it,” he teased.

Wendy’s eyes shot up to meet his. “Is that a challenge, dragon?”

“Stop calling me dragon,” Mun hissed.

“Give it to me!” Wendy threw her hand down.

Mun quickly maneuvered his coffee cup away from her. He sent a glance toward Aspen. She ducked, feeling like a coward in the presence of someone so distinctly gorgeous. “You shouldn’t have given her something with so much caffeine in it,” he stated.

Aspen turned her head. Another attractive loony. Great. She slumped onto the mall bench. She sipped her hot chocolate, disappointed, dejected, and wishing she were someone else.

“Ah!” Wendy screeched.

Aspen looked up. Mun had flicked Wendy’s forehead where the third eye was said to be. Aspen sat up straighter. Wendy’s eyes rolled back. She smiled, and then slumped to the floor. Mun caught her coffee cup. He turned and started for Aspen. Aspen’s muscles tightened. Her shoulders scrunched, and her stomach sucked in.

Mun paused. He studied her. “You fear me,” he said, recognizing her body language.

“Um…” Aspen glanced at Wendy.

Mun looked at her also. “Don’t worry. She’s only unconscious. Though I suppose she’ll be in a terrible mood when she wakes up.” He came beside Aspen and sat. He set Wendy’s coffee between them. “We’re extremely competitive. That she lost to a dragon will be a hard blow. Wendy is a well known unicorn. A dragon has never gotten the better of her before.”

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