Elf by Keyade


Introducing: Halenor

Halenor is a half-elf who has a damaged past. He finds it difficult to trust strangers and is always on his guard. Those whom he doesn’t trust suffer an ill-tempered version of himself. Though stubborn and suspicious he is a good friend to those whom he is loyal to. He is the commander of Korestes’ army, and is heavily involved in the straining of its soldiers. He is the king most trusted ally, and has been left to care for the kingdom many times.



Carna: Where have you been?

Me: (Innocently) What?

Carna: My story has been abandoned. What is your excuse?

Me: Trying to make money by being an Indie Author…?

Carna: I am stuck with a shadow trying to kill me, and a curse that changes me into an orc because you’re trying to self-publish?!

Me: Yes…?

Carna: (Grits teeth). And how is that working out for you?

Me: Well. It’s only been three months. It started out pretty good. But I think most of my buyers were people I knew who wanted to support me. Now that book two is out, it seems their enthusiasm has diminished…well. Save for a few.

Carna: And what about your Power characters?

Me: I do miss you lot…Maybe when I get back from puppy-sitting I’ll do some editing on your book. Though…I mean…it’s not like I have an agent or publisher for you guys yet.

Carna: And why are you self-publishing your fairy tales and not us?

Me: Cause you’re special and they’re easier to write. I mean! C’mon! You guys have your own mythology and legends and histories and stuff.

Carna: I see.

Halenor: I am having a difficult time with this new plot…

Me: It’s the first plot.

Halenor: Is this a man or a woman?

Carna: (Hood stuck on). I am a man stupid.

Halenor: Sometimes I wonder. The way you just spoke just now…

Me: OK! I will edit you when I get home Friday night all right?! No spoilers!

Halenor: The answer is a spoiler?

Me: You are a spoiler. Aren’t you supposed to be…where are you guys at right now in the story?

Carna: I just got permission to keep the wolf-cub.

Me: Awe…you guys are about to have a moment.

Halenor and Carna exchange dubious glances. They don’t like each other much. Well. They used to hate each other. Things have gotten better since I first started editing, since Halenor has come to Carna’s (Caroni’s) defense.

Me: All right. Off you go! See you later. I got the puppy’s momma telling me stories!

Carna: Do not forget us…

Halenor: And stop keeping secrets…

Me: Tch. Yeah right. (Waves them away). Now that they’re gone. Some down time with a girlfriend, and later, K-Drama!

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