A Nagging X


Uroko-sama from Nagi no Asukara




X has no name because he’s just been pestering me for the last several days. (The gif above is a perfect example). He’s from a family that dwells in the sea whose young men are sometimes chosen to be servants of the Sea King. At the age of 12 they are taken from their families and put in isolation at the shrine where they will be serving. X is particular manipulative and mischievous, and is able to find ways around the rules of his isolation to keep from being totally alone. At the age of 21 he is expected to marry, and due to his situation, he couldn’t be more relieved when the virgin sacrifice (who is to be his bride) is sent down into the ocean for him. And he’s even more happy when he realizes who it is. She however, isn’t as excited, and the most chaotic relationship I have ever stewed sets into motion.


Anya is a white swan whose cloak shines silver. She is one of three sisters who is struggling to reclaim her true form after a battle that drained them and their clan so they were transformed into lesser beings. To reclaim their previous state they (as valkyrie) made a deal with the Eale family of the kingdom Eale to be the spirits of their next three female children. In the end that is all the king and queen had. They were killed leaving the two eldest daughters to care for Eale themselves. The youngest was kidnapped long before, and the eldest was born with a black cloak; a curse among swan-maidens. After the black swan gives in to her curse and becomes the destroyer, Anya is left to run their kingdom alone, only to be immediately attacked from within. She is the healer of their family, and of a gentler nature. She has no desire for violence, but she has a pride that will put her ideals aside in order to claim justice. Reminded of what she really is she plots with new allies to take back her kingdom, and repay the king and queen who gave her the chance to reclaim her magic.


The Argument:

Me: It’s Nano writing month! (Rolls up sleeves) I’m going to do it this year! I’m going to rewrite Swan Lake!

X: …(Scoff).

Me: Who are you?!

The character from my most recently finished anime is staring at me. He smiles mischievously, and I know I’m doomed. He morphs into a different person, one that I can now take ownership of. His story floods into my head like a tidal wave crushing into that wonderful island that gives me anime.

X: Why are you wasting time on swans?

Me: It’s the next book in my series…

X: And yet you cannot get me out of your head. How unfortunate. You may as well abandon it and come to me.

Me: What is wrong with my imagination?!

X: If your imagination was incapable of creating characters like me there would be no variety in your basket, and your readers would be utterly bored.

Me: No wonder she can’t stand you!

X: Who?

Me: The protagonist of your story. (I sigh). I’ve already created her personality. Though unlike you I can’t see her yet…

X: Well then. It sounds like you have the pieces you need to get started.

Me: Aren’t you the bossy tempter.

X: (Conniving smile returns). So you do want to write my story.

Me: It’s practically already written in my head. Three days of your constant presence and I can’t help but have your plot all figured out.

X: It is because you pitied the character you saw me in.

Me: And just like him you’re annoyingly intuitive.

X: Like him I am a servant of the sea, god-like in my majesty. Besides. Intuition is a good quality.

Me: Sure. Except for when you state it so nonchalant with that air of superiority. (Points at him). I am your creator buddy!

X: Then give me a name.

Me: I don’t have time for that. I’m supposed to be writing chapter thirteen of this book.

X: Forget it and give me a name.

Me: No.

X: Give me a name $%@!

Me: Oh my gosh. Stop nagging me! You’re not till book 17!

X: (Smirks). So you have already bumped some other stories in order to get to me sooner. I am flattered.

Me: This is good practice for when you’re with the protagonist.

X: Oh. She as stupid as you?

Me: Oh my gosh! Go home!

X: (Smiles sweetly). But I am home!

Me: I’ve never imagined a more difficult character than you…

Anya: Mistress…

Me: Oh good! You found your way back into my head!

Anya: (Glances at X. He smiles at her). You have a guest?

Me: A nuisance!

Anya: Shall I remove him for you?

I pause. The air has changed. Anya is staring at X, and X––still smiling, albeit in a more dangerous light––is staring back with a challenge lit in his eyes. I scratch my head and wonder. I haven’t quite placed X on the totem poll of power yet. Anya is crazy powerful. Not like her sister, but she’s a valkyrie who has taken on the form of a swan-maiden. Not only does she have a swan-cloak, and sorcerery, but she has valkyrie powers. The most important of which is that she decides who dies in war, or in this case, a battle. But X isn’t human. Can he even die? I sigh, and leave. X may be impatient to have his story written, but I still have lots of work to do in figuring just how to go about that…best to keep chugging away on the swan.

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