A Witch’s Song

A Witch's Song

Sneak Peek

First 4 Chapters


Introducing: Nim is a bubbly, fun, and sometimes shy young woman who has only just recently begun developing her magic as a witch. She’s running away from her past, and her mother. She’s been abused most of her life, which has left a lasting scar. She doesn’t have any confidence when it comes to love, and believes she doesn’t deserve it. She adores children, is talented at baking, and is proud that she’s growing more powerful as a healing witch. She refuses to learn attack spells, and knows only a few defensive ones. She doesn’t want to be able to hurt people as she has in the past, but she’ll learn that if she won’t learn it herself, she’ll have to rely on others that have when magic-users stronger than herself choose her for prey.



Nim: This is really happening…I have a story…

Me: That’s right buttercup! (Finishing up her cover). I’ve had your outline forever! Bout time I finally got around to it.

Nim: But…I thought I was just. Going to disappear. Isn’t that what I deserve?

Me: Oh please. None of you disappear. Not really. In fact. You’re kind of one of my most important characters seeing as I keep imaging you in other people’s stories once yours has been told.

Nim: Really? I’m needed like that?

Me: Sure! I may not make use of fairy godmothers, but witches are useful.

Nim: All right. I think I could do that. To make up for my past! But…what about this man?

Me: (Sly grin). There is always a man.

Nim: But he’s…

Nim is beside herself. Mr. Newton is kind but aggressive, and she doesn’t believe she deserves or could keep his love.

Me: Why can’t you lot ever believe in me? Why would I give you a sad ending?

Nim: You gave bleep a sad ending.

Me: That’s because she has a cross over! Why are you giving things away?!

Nim: I am sorry Mistress Epicness. But I do worry. The characters from your Power world have been complaining at the Fairy Tale Inn in our world about how you’ve started ignoring them, and how most of them die. I just…I can’t imagine a happy ending.

Me: (Grumbles). Those big babies. I’ve been editing them on and off. And they don’t ALL die. Humph…

Nim: Mistress. If there must be a man. Could you give him to Suzette?

Me: He doesn’t want Suzette.

Nim: But…I can’t handle him!

Me: You’ll be fine. Just have fun!

Nim: But he’s always touching me, and he keeps saying things.

Me: Just be happy he’s not peeking in your window.

Nim: What?!

I simply smile, and hurry off to do…something else.

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