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Ukya Amnesia


Introducing: Alaric Spirid AKA Demoncurse. Demoncurse appears in A Witch’s Song (Book 3) as a dog. He is the Spirit King or Green Man in Evermagic and has reign over all magical beings. He’s a self-confident, sometimes arrogant pain in the butt. He almost always speaks his mind, and likes to pick fights. He especially likes to pick on Newt, another character from A Witch’s Song. Though he has the appearance of a self-assured pain, he’s quite tenderhearted, and sometimes even childlike in his plainness. He treats all the beings of his realm as if they are his own precious children, and goes out of his way to care for them. He’s watched humans for a very long time and after seeing some of his own kind learn human love, goes out to discover what it is for himself. Through that process he learns what it is to be nervous, sad, and even angry, but most of all he learns what it feels like to fall in love, and by that learns true pain.



I am surrounded by my dearest elemental brethren. Those gorgeous men in my brain whom I adore. And I feel so ashamed.

Cray: You lost it…

Adrian: You lost it all.

Conleth: Every chapter.

Solas: (Pats my head). All that hard work gone.

Adrian: Don’t console her. It’s her fault.

Me: (Whines). No it’s not!

They’re men, so they don’t know what to do with a crying woman. I am a logical emotionally detached individual (for the most part), but I’m also tactical. I look up at Adrian, sniffing, as I know that––despite his coldness––he will be most affected by my devastation. And he’s secretly my favorite so he doesn’t have a choice but to love me. Think Inuyasha’s Lord Sesshomaru. I’m his Rin ^.^.

Me: (Wipes crocodile tears from face). You don’t know how traumatized I was. Half a book gone because my USB got corrupted. How did that even happen? And some other stories too! The Power series’ future trilogy or however many books that was going to be. I may have lost the entire first book!

Cray: (Sighs. His arms crossed). Nothing to be done.

Solas: You aren’t very good at this.

Conleth: (The most uncomfortable). Solas. Do something. You’re the most experienced with…this. (He waves at my emotionally distressed being).

Solas: Darcta doesn’t cry.

Adrian: Oh you pitiful fools. (He sits down and pulls me into his arms. My smile is sly. Solas notices it, he’s much too perceptive. I pull it down and he smirks.) It’s still in your head isn’t it?

Me: (I nod). Yeah…

Adrian: Then you’ll just have to rewrite it.

I collapse in his arms. He’s surprised as are all the others. I “ugh” dramatically.

Me: That’s so much work!

Adrian: Tch. (He rolls me out of his arms and stands up, dusting himself off).

Me: (Sighs and rolls over). As Cray said. Nothing to be done. I will get to it when I get to it. Unless I can find a way to save it like most my other files. But that is likely not to happen. (I’m suddenly picked up from behind and hefted against someone. I look surprised, as do all the other men). Wha?

Demoncurse: Time to go Mistress Epicness. My story awaits. You’ve only written three chapters.

Conleth: Just a minute! She has to write us!

Demoncurse: (Looks back at him and smiles cheekily). No time to waste. I get published in two books. (He looks at them all, quite sly). And when will you ever get published?

They all look glum. I smack Demoncurse so he drops me.

Me: Not nice! They will have their time of glory! Now get your butt back to Evermagic!

Demoncurse: All right, all right. (He has his hands up as he starts out, but pauses. He looks back at me and grins that winning grin). Coming?

I frown and look back at the others. They all look disheartened. I feel worse now than when my USB got corrupted and their story was lost. Not that it was a huge deal. I was thinking of starting it all over anyways. But still. I run back to them and pull them into my arms.

Me: Some day! Some day I will publish the power series. No matter what the Evermagic kids say! You’re the epic ones! Some day. People are going to cosplay as you guys, and play a D&D version with you all in it! Maybe even an MMORPG! My plans are bigger for you guys. So don’t be depressed or I’m really gonna cry!

Adrian: So you were acting.

I pause and look up at him. He has an annoyed look on his face. I smile and take a step back. He doesn’t like to be fooled.

Me: (Waves). Well. Bye then! (I grab Demoncurse’s arm and run off, leaving the elemental princes behind to plan their next attack. Yup. They’ll be back.) Run away!

Demoncurse: Did you really lose all that work?

Me: (Sighs). Yeah. What a pain in the butt.

Demoncurse: (He puts a comforting arm around me). What are you going to do?

Me: (I’m determined). I’m going to make it even better than it was before. (Fist pump).

Demoncurse: And when are you going to have time to do that when you are much too busy flirting with me?

Me: Ha! Just you wait Mr. Player. (I start to cackle, he pauses, now worried). Just you wait…

Demoncurse: Wait? (He laughs nervously). What do you mean? (I continue on, not answering. He chases after me). Mistress! What do you mean?!

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