Ganged Up On


Tomoe. Because this is adorable, and is a possible character inspiration.



I’m sitting at my desk. I’ve taken a shower, so at least I don’t stink. I’ve got a nose-strip on. That’s going to be fun later. “A Witch’s Song” has finally been submitted to process through kdp and createspace. So what do I do today?

Option one: go through and clean up documents.
Option two: write the next fairy tale.
Option three: edit some Power series stuff.

Me: Sigh. I don’t know what I want to do. Maybe I’ll just put on some anime. (Goes to click for crunchyroll when my hand is grabbed).

Demoncurse: (With a sly smile). What do you think you are doing?

Carna: (Arms crossed). I have been ignored for much longer than I think is proper.

That reminds me. Option four: submit queries for the first book of the Power series.

Me: (Whimpers). Don’t I ever get a day off?

Demoncurse and Carna exchange glances.

Both: No.

Me: (Wails). But I’ve been working so hard all week!

Demoncurse: We haven’t. We’ve just been politely sitting here while you deal with the technicals of your books.

Me: You are in that book I was submitting!

Demoncurse: But it’s not my story.

Carna: Take a break from these Evermagic kids and come back to the real story. Mine. I don’t want to stay like this forever!

Me: Ah!!!

Demoncurse: Light the incense fool!

I’ve started lighting incense when it’s time to get to writing.

Demoncurse: You don’t have much time before you must go through the process of submitting my story as you just did this last one. You can take a break after I’ve been completed, since the next two stories are already written. Honestly. You really didn’t think this through when you were putting the tales in order.

Me: Hey! I didn’t realize that I needed a book in between Beauty and the Beast and Swan Lake, ok! I always intended Ber to be in both, but it didn’t occur to me until I was nearly done with SL that he would need some time between the two stories to recover so that his presence there would make sense!

Carna: Give it a rest. Look. My book is written, it just needs editing. So take a break from having to think creatively and just enjoy what you’ve already written while making it better.

Demoncurse: Don’t emphasize her need to be a perfectionist!

Carna: Do you know how long she’s been working on my story? (Demoncurse stares, annoyed). Since she was 12! The woman is 24 now. Do you know how many years that is? Twelve! At least you lot in Evermagic get completed and put in book form. She’s been meticulously creating my world, and the characters of it forever!

Demoncurse: (Getting melodramatic). No wonder she wants a break from the lot of you. You’ve been sapping away her best years.

Me: (I glance at my incense tower, which I haven’t lit yet.) Mmmm. Hmmm… M… I think…maybe…

They both turn to me expectantly. I smile.

Me: I’ll divide it up! First I’ll watch my anime. Three episodes at the most since they’re updates not marathons. Then I will write…t-two chapters for you! (Pointing at Demoncurse). Then I’ll edit however many chapters of you I can take. (Points at Carna). And if I still have some momentum I will write more for you! (Point at Demoncurse again).

Both sigh.

Carna: She is hopeless.

Demoncurse: Agreed…care to meet at the Crossroads?

Carna: Sure…

Me: …Crossroads? What’s that? Where are you guys going?!

Demoncurse: Since you have two worlds that keep mixing in these arguments we’ve made a pub where we can mingle and let go our stress from being your creations.

I gawk. I can’t believe this. I think I’ve heard them mention something like this before. But now it has a name?! They leave. Demoncurse who isn’t effected by drink (unless its super strong spirit-made stuff) and Carna who doesn’t drink.

Me: What are you going to do at a pub?!

Carna: Complain about you with everyone else waiting for you to write their stories.

Me: (With tears). I hate you! I hate you all! None of you understands me. Wah! I’m just going to paint my nails red and pretend it’s your blood! And then I’ll spend the whole day playing video games!

I wait for them to respond. Nothing. I am being completely ignored.

Me: Stupid characters…

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