Keyboard Highjack


Runelords Greenman by Howard Lyon




Alaric: You are a cruel, inconsiderate, horrid little––

Me: Hey! Hey! Hey! Cool your jets. It’s only chapter seven!

Alaric: What is this journey you have sent me on? Why would you do this to a person? You make me fall in love with someone I can’t have? Who are you?!

Me: When I have written a sad ending?!

Alaric: The book before me!!!

Me: Oh. C’mon. Everyone’s complaining about that one book!

Alaric: The Power chumps were right! You cannot be trusted! Give me that keyboard!

Me: Hey! No! What are you doing?

Alaric: (Still fighting for the controls). I’m fixing my story!

Me: You can’t do that! That’s my job. And the story isn’t changing!

Alaric: Screw you author! Screw you and all your tortures!

He disappears, but I can’t keep my guard down. Just because I can’t see him any more doesn’t mean he’s not there…

Carna: You lied…

Me: Eh?

Carna: You said you were going to edit me after writing for him. You wrote for him, but you didn’t edit me.

Me: Oh…yeah. Ugh. Well. I went to. But. It’s been so long I couldn’t remember some decisions I made and didn’t want to go backtracking to look for them.

Carna: I hate you.

Me: Hey! Why are you guys so mean to me?

Carna: Lazy.

Me: Ah!

Carna: Incompetent.

Me: Oy!

Carna: Stupid.

Me: Gah!

Carna: All you do is watch documentaries.

Me: I like documentaries…

Carna: Tch. I’m never going to be free.

Me: (Pouts). I’ll edit you. I promise! It’s just. This book. It’s the one I wrote when I was twelve. I’ve edited it so many times. I’m actually sick of it. I’ll get it done. I promise!

Carna: (Sighs). I’m going to go tell the others.

Me: The others?

Carna: Everyone else in your power series. We are doomed.

Me: Nooo!

She leaves. I’m left, hugging my keyboard and pouting. Then I feel a tug, and the keyboard slips out of my grasp. When I look Alaric is holding it with a maniacal grin and freaky crazy look in his eyes.

Alaric: It is mine!

Me: No! You will ruin the story.

He lifts the keyboard in one hand, and begins to pound on the keys with the others until he realizes…he doesn’t know how to use it.

Me: Ha!

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