The Battle That Inspired Power


My cosplay as a Mirkwood Elf



I burst into the Crossroads with a determined, yet cold exterior. The characters of Evermagic and Power look back at me, surprised.

Carna: (Tentatively). Mistress?

I collapse to my knees and burst into tears. The lot of them rush to me.

Solas: Mistress. What is the matter?

Nicolette: (Hugging me with tears in her eyes). Mistress why are you crying?

The crowd suddenly parts. I look up. Doristanen is kneeling in front of me. I wail.

Me: I’m sorry!

Doristanen: What has happened Mistress?

Me: I saw the last Hobbit movie! It was beautiful!

Doristanen: (Puts a hand on my head). I see.

Carna: Yes!

Alaric: What is it? What is going on?

Fin: (Crosses his arms smugly). You’re stories are about to be put on hold.

Burak: That’s right! (Leans on his twin).

Amrod: Inspiration has hit.

Guntur: (With a glance at his brother). Like a lightning strike.

Burak: Now here comes the BOOM!

The Evermagic kids look utterly confused. Except for Ber. Ber looks grumpy.

Ber: Great. (At the top of his lungs). I am never going to be human again!

Carna: I will! (Does a triumphant jump).

Halenor: Tch. Debatable.

Carna and I scowl at him. But he’s…well…right. Doristanen helps me to my feet and caresses my face. He smiles very small.

Doristanen: We will be waiting. (He leaves, prepared for the battle that is my writing).

Alaric: (A little panicked). Wait. I don’t understand. What does this mean?

Carna: The Power series, our series. (She gestures widely to the overwhelming Power characters versus Evermagic characters.) Was inspired by Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Seeing as The Hobbit is in the same world, by the same writer, adapted by the same director, and displays much of the same characters played by the same actors, her need to return to Edar––our world––has surpassed her desire to write sweet little romantic fairy tales.

Alaric and X cling to each other: WHAT?!

Me: All right! (The determined cold exterior has returned). Now if I can just decide on that one king’s name, I can move on and edit!

Rose: You’re going to leave them? All these fairy tale characters waiting for you to write them. What about your publishing us every other month?!

Me: You’ll get done. Geese. I just have to edit Power, and the next Evermagic book just needs some edits itself, and considering how much smaller a book it is compared to Power, it’ll be a breeze.

Ber: (He’s the next book). Demm.

Guntur: Demm? What’s Demm?

Nicolette: (Sighing). It’s the Scarlet Pimpernel’s version of “damn”. She just feels better writing it that way. At least in the version she bought. Though that I had to explain it defeats the purpose.

Rose: Nicolette…I didn’t know you cursed.

Nicolette: (Blinking dumbly). I don’t.

Rose: (Pointing). You just did.

Nicolette: (Horrified). Eh?! Oh no! Did I?

I’ve just put on The Hobbit soundtrack. I have a couple hours before it’s time to meet up with the girls. Time to edit some power. I leave, my Evermagic kids in a panic behind.

Mot: Welcome back…Mistress Darkness.

Me: (I smile darkly). Thank you…Death.

Qing: Ready or not! I shall have all your power and––

Mot slams his fist against the top of Qing’s head. He slumps to the ground, and all the Evermagic kids look on afraid.

Rose: Just how powerful do you think those characters are?

Nicolette: I don’t want to find out…

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One thought on “The Battle That Inspired Power

  1. Jennifer on said:

    Huge Smile. Thank you Jess.

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