The Interference of Hunger


“What would happen if you actually ate NyanCat and then burped? All I know is, poptarts are food.” –Silentreaper deviantart

Me: (Sighs) I’m hungry…

Ber: Are you going to eat before editing me?

Me: …Probably. I’d rather eat and then start editing than start editing get so hungry I can’t concentrate, and then have to abandon you in the middle of it.

Ber: Hmmm…

Me: Don’t be so depressed. I have a stupid dog that won’t shut up. She wants in she wants out she wants in she wants out. She won’t decide and all she does is whine. That’s something to whine about.

Ber: Well. I suppose you have made progress.

Me: You’re half done!

Ber: You took two days off to…crochet! For a cat!

Me: (Darkly). Don’t be speaking ill of my cat.

Ber: He’s fat.

Me: He is a Tom! They’re supposed to be big!

Carna: You stopped editing me!

Me: Ah! Where’d you come from?

Carna: Your brain stupid!

Me: (Whines). I have to get him edited so I can publish him. I’m doing good with you.

Alaric: And what about me?

Me: Oh for pity’s sake!

Alaric: You haven’t written anything for me in weeks!

Me: You’re harder ok! You’re not a fairy tale, you’re a mythological character with no story. I have to make you up 100%.

Carna: You made me up 100%.

Me: (Glaring). You’re not helping.

Carna: Humph…

Ber: Go eat Mistress. Edit me, edit her, and write him.

Me: That’s a long day…

Alaric: It’s only 2:00 pm. You have plenty of day. Especially since you work in fives.

Me: (Nods, making a plan). Right. Five chapters of Ber, five chapters of Carna…a chapter for Demoncurse.

Alaric: A chapter?!

Me: Writing is way different than editing. We’ll see. Maybe two.

Alaric: She doesn’t work in fives, she works in evens.

Ber: She edits in fives.

Carna: If she doesn’t get burned out. Go on. (She is shooing me away). Get to work lazy bones.

I go. Time to eat. And then editing. I just hope I can milk my juices enough to write too. The sad thing is…I’ll probably edit some of Ber, and then take a nap…or play Guild Wars. My poor characters. No wonder they hate me…

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