Reveal of The Monster & The Beast


Art by: EricCanete

Cover reveal for The Monster & The Beast

Release date: feb 5, 2015

Pre-order on amazon today.

Authors: be featured on Jessica Lorenne’s web-blog

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Read first four chapters, released weekly on wattpad.



Hunter is a character who first appeared in Fire’s Hart. He is the older half brother of the Snow White, Rose. He’s had a shady past, and has worked hard to cut himself from it. This included refusing the rule over Geran and letting Rose have the crown. Now Instead of the lecherous partying noble he used to be, he’s returned to his roots and taken on the mantle of a hunter again. He’s smart, but not bright, and now that he’s no longer seducing women for sport, surprisingly shy. Now his true self he’s a kind heart that works hard.

Arriel is the twin sister of Ber. She was cursed to be a lioness. She’s a noble sort with a fierce sense of protectiveness. She is a little brash, and has a hard facade, but she’s really a gentle person to those she cares for. If it’s between saving her life or someone else she’ll choose to save the other person.



Me: Mwahahaha! Look! You’re done!

Ber snarls at me.

Me: What? Didn’t like your ending?

Ber: You call that an ending?

Me: Just goes to show how important your character is.

Hunter: Actually, that was just cruel.

Arriel: I have to agree Mistress. You have a strange sense of storytelling.

Me: You two got your happy ending!

Arriel: Well…not officially.

Me: (Smacks head). It was implied!

Hunter: (Nervously). What was implied.

I smile mischievously.

Ber: How are you going to fix this?

Me: Fix what?

Ber: Don’t play stupid!

Me: Tch. You are needed in the next two books. Small though your parts may seem you are necessary. And then. And then! Wah-boom!

Hunter: …wah-boom?

Arriel: I think she is implying some kind of huge impact?

Me: He he he. It’ll be a tragedy, (dramatically) but all shall end well!

Ber: I hope for your sake it does.

Me: Watch it now. I have other characters determined to get written. You’ll be under much duress if you harm me.

Ber: Your other characters are fools. Do you toy with them too?

Me: Of course I do! That’s the exciting part about story telling. If you don’t mess with the characters there’s nothing to read! Besides. Nothing is worth having if you haven’t had to work hard for it. Nor do you understand the true value of someone until you’ve undergone great challenges on their behalf.

Hunter: Haven’t we already gone through enough?

Me: Quiet you. Your story is over.

Arriel: So we’re just going to disappear?

Me: I don’t know. You may pop up every now and again the way the others do.

Arriel: But Ber…he will get a happy ending…won’t he?

Me: We shall see!

Alaric: Mistress!

Me: Hmmm?

Alaric: (Takes me by the shoulders and shakes me). Do you intend to drag out my torture for much longer?!

Me: Of course I do. You have a whole four or five chapters until I’ve finished writing you, and you will be under much torture until its conclusion.

Alaric: Curse you. I am a man of nurturing and peace! Why must I endure this?

Me: Because the magic chose you. I can’t help that.

Ber: By magic you mean you.

Me: Well. I’m not Evermagic, but I do control the magic!

Arriel: That has me thinking…you always write yourself a character in the stories somewhere. In your Power world it is Eleventra. Who is it in ours?

Me: (There is a dangerous flash in my eyes that makes them uncomfortable). The Black Swan…

Hunter: Aren’t they…evil?

Me: (Sly smile). Are they?

Ber: It fits. She (pointing at me) is evil!

Me: Don’t you worry. She goes under as much, if not more drama, than all of you!

Alaric: You do like drama.

Me: Indeed. See! You all are getting to know me. Now if you will excuse me, I have to get to work.

Alaric: On me, yes?

Me: Eventually.

Alaric: Eventually?! When will I be done?

Me: Probably in the next couple of days. I have other things I have to work on you know.

Carna: Like me.

Me: You just keep popping out of nowhere nowadays.

Carna: I must always be on your mind.

Me: Valid. And yes. My mother has been waiting for the next book in Power and it’s been a long time so. I must get it done. (Sighs). It’s just so much.

Carna: Stop complaining. You wrote it.

Me: Yeah. But now I have to edit it…

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