When Characters Make You Want To Run Away…


Hollow by liiga

Introducing: The siren is Ber’s Beauty, Serren. She is manipulative, clever, sly, and enjoys toying with people. She is Serren’s darker side. The side she relied on to chase people away. She is Serren’s fear, hatred, despair, and anger in one separate entity. Though because she lives inside Serren she finds herself beginning to be affected by her other feelings.



Ber: I have nothing to say to you.

Siren: Oh don’t be so harsh. She’s just doing her job.

Ber: Why are you here?! Have I not made it clear that I do not wish to see your twisted face.

Siren: How rude! That is an awful thing to say to your love’s protector.

Ber: You’re not protecting anyone!

Siren: I don’t see why you are blaming me. You’re the one that left!

Me: Silence! Your bickering is too noisy!

Siren: (Smirking). He just can’t handle the truth of his own folly.

Me: (Warningly). Siren…

Kaito: Mistress.

Me: Oh for heaven’s fluffy clouds. What?

Kaito: My name. I don’t know if I care for it.

Me: …first you’re complaining about not having a name. Now you don’t like the one I picked. Get over yourself! I had three options and I decided on the best of those three…ugh. It’s hot in this room.

Carna: Why did you stop editing me?

Me: Gah! Look. It’s been a busy narly couple of weeks. First I have been having issues with getting the paperback of The Monster & The Beast fixed, then our internet went out, and then I had to go babysit puppies. What do you want from me?

Carna: Your attention.

Ber: And some of us wish you’d go fall off a cliff.

Me: Hey! Don’t be rude. Romantic tragedies are one of my favorite things. At least neither of you is going to die!

Ber: But you will drive us both mad!

Siren: No. Only Serren. You’re sanity will remain the same. Debatable however, if it was ever sound to begin with.

Ber: Stay out of it you murderous evil thing.

Me: (Flapping arms wildly). Stop it, stop it, stop it! I have work to do and you all are distracting me!

Carna: Don’t lie. Once you finish fixing the format of The Monster & The Beast you’re going to watch K-Drama or play GW2.

Me: …sometimes I think it’s a bad idea basing a character off myself. You always know what’s going on in my head.

Ber: I’m leaving. I can’t stand to look at you any more.

Me: Insanity doesn’t have to last forever!

Ber: I hate you.

Me: You do know that Serren is semi-based off of me!

Ber: But she is not you.

Siren: I am getting a little worried about Serren, Mistress.

Ber: You are?!

Siren: Yes! I am!

Me: Ah! I’m leaving! (I go to run away, but Carna has wrapped herself around my leg, her face cold and neutral.)

Carna: You’re going no where without me.

(I look at her, and then at Siren and Ber who’re having a shouting match. I turn, and hobble away best I can with a woman my own size clinging to me).

Kaito: Mistress! My name!

Me: Shut up X! Everyone forgot you were even here!

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