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Introducing: Anya is the main character of Evermagic’s retelling of Swan Lake. Very, very loose retelling. She is a queenly sort, but kind, and always thinking about the needs of her people. Instead of taking the easy way out and blowing things up, she acts tactfully, biding her time and using her head to keep her people safe, and unafraid.

Sable is Anya’s older sister, cursed to be the black swan, who are never the good guy. Though their father had taught Sable to use her powers to do good it seems that she is being manipulated by magic to do evil. Though she’s always been terse and cold and ferocious, there were many who were loyal to her, and never imagined she would turn to the “dark side”. Unlike Anya Sable prefers straight forward methods to get things done, but instead of interfering she decides to allow Anya take control of what she knows very well is Anya’s story.



Sable: We have been utterly forgotten.

Anya: Yes. Indeed. Our story was written ahead of its due point and so put aside to be dealt with at another time.

Me: Oh great.

Sable: You are not pleased to see us.

Me: You are me, and she is my sister. I know the two of you are going to have plenty to say.

They exchange glances.

Anya: Do you not feel that some of the things in our story happened rather abruptly.

Sable: I do.

Me: It’s called a rough draft. A first rough draft!

Sable: All I am hearing is excuses for poor quality.

I glare at Sable. She stares back. She will be by far my worst critic seeing as she is me, and I am a perfectionist. It’s a good thing Eleventra/Carna don’t critic my work. I don’t think I could stand that.

Me: What do you want?

Sable: Only to make ourselves known. We are the story after your Green Man story. We ought to get some attention before being thrust upon the world without warning.

Me: I’m working on that.

Anya: Now.

Sable: Even the “Blue Siren” was introduced before us, and she is the story after ours. (She glances at her sister). Are we even introduced in any books before ours?

Anya: I don’t recall ever making an appearance in any of the previous books.

Me: Other characters in your book have been!

Anya: Are they important.

I glance nervously at Sable, who stares suspiciously.

Me: No?

Whisper: My lady…

Me: No, no, no, no! (I rush to the gorgeous fox-spirit/Tiger’s Crest guild member/very important character out of there).

Sable: Who was that?

Me: (Cough). No one of any kind of particular importance…now go away!

Sable: I have a question.

Me: (Smacks head). Whaaaaat?

Sable: The Swan Lake seems poorly thrown in there. Are you going to fix that?

Me: Why isn’t Anya asking? It’s her story!

Sable: Oh please. She is based off your sister. When does your sister ever not like whatever you write?

Me: She’d be more picky about her own story if she’d ever read it!

Anya: She hasn’t even been able to read Beauty & The Beast, and it’s been published.

Me: (Pouting). She’s going to school and working. She doesn’t have time. (Kicks a pebble).

Anya: Poor Mistress Epicness. Your biggest fan has abandoned you.

Me: (Gasps dramatically). How dare you! You don’t mean it do you? I mean. You are her, but you’re not mentally or emotionally linked or anything are you?

Anya: She doesn’t even play GuildWars2 with you any more.

Me: She’s the only one I play with.

Sable: And yet she was on two weeks ago and didn’t invite you to play.

Me: You only know that because I played until three this morning and accidentally called up the guild thing when I kept trying to press ‘v’ to dodge!

Sable: A simple slip of the finger that happens too many times in your case.

Me: At least I know how to make my character walk instead of having to run beside those escort missions.

Anya: You’re really not helping yourself.

Me: You leave me alone! I have…things to do!

Sable: Hurry and edit your Green Man so that you may fix Anya’s story. I will not emerge from a poorly crafted tale.

I walk away, grumbling and missing my sister…and then I pause, realize this is MY world, and kick them out!



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