300…This is NOT Sparta. Well…


mermaid by ono-mono


Introducing: the unnamed Little Mermaid. In Tales of Evermagic she has long been around, for her crossing paths with the human prince she once loved happened some hundred years ago. Now a “daughter of air” she has been searching for good children to “shorten her days of trial”, for it is said that each will take off a year of her 300 year journey to ascend to heaven as one of these spirits of air. She is kind and caring, but has lost her childish gaiety that took her from her family. She is a somber type, but adores children and has––instead of spiriting into homes to find a good child to take a year off her 300 year sentence––risks taking care of other children who sometimes make her cry, each her tears adding one more day to her times of trial



Alaric: Don’t do it.

Me: Don’t do what?

Alaric: That game. That game you played until three this morning.

Me: Why not?

Alaric: You should be editing me!

Me: (Sighs). But I just finished The Blue Siren. I need a break from all this writing stuff.

Alaric: You can’t have a break!

Me: Why not?

Unnamed: You called?

I turn and stare a little blankly at the boy-looking girl. Alaric is glowering at me as I consider her.

Me: Did I?

Unnamed: I have been in your head since eleven o’clock this morning.

Me: Oh yeah. (I look around). Where’s the prince?

Unnamed: Prince?

Me: (I look back at her). He’s been with you in my head all this time.

Unnamed: Hmmm…it seems a connection has not been made since you have not written us into existence.

Alaric: But she imagines you and so that warrants interrupting our conversation?

Unnamed: You always want and complain about the same thing. Do you think her blog readers want to continue reading the same posts over and over again?

Alaric glowers at her and then stares expectantly at me, but I just smile.

Me: I like you! (I go and put my arm around her). The little mermaid, yeah?

Unnamed: Yes.

Me: Dang. Why didn’t Anderson give you a name. Now I have to come up with one.

Alaric: You’re going to come up with a whole lot more than that if she’s supposedly the original little mermaid.

Me: You know me so well!

Alaric: I am beginning to.

Unnamed: I understand then that you mean to give me a past and future?

Me: Bingo!

Unnamed: And how long then, will that take?

I pause and frown at her. My arm slips off her and I start marching out of this imaginary room with no walls, no furnishings, and just white blank space like an unused word document. Or pages document since that is what I use.

Me: You are all the same! When it gets right down to it, you all just want to complain until I write you!

Alaric: Well maybe if you wouldn’t waste so much time on frivolous things!

Me: (Marches up to him). Look buddy. I am the goddess and creator here. I can do whatever I want.

Alaric: And what of it? You are at the mercy of your character’s cooperation. Who did you create me to be? A king of spirits.

Me: Are you threatening me?

Alaric: It is not within my nature to be confrontational, but I will fight to get things done. If you insist upon dragging your feet, I shall motivate you.

Me: A king? What is that to a creator? I made you!

Unnamed: This is ridiculous.

Me: Ridiculous? Ridiculous? This is Sparta!

Alaric and Unnamed pause. They exchange glances. I stare them down. Alaric clears his throat. Unnamed fiddles with the hilt of her rapier.

Alaric: Are you mad?

Me: Yes…yes I am. And word to the wise. Don’t mess with the crazies.

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