Jerk Faces! With…pretty faces. Jerks!


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White Nine Tailed Fox by puimun


Takehiro is a silver (black) kitsune or fox spirit. He has spent the last several hundred years waiting for the return of the woman he loves. During this time he has been serving the Hayashi family after exchanging his life to save his woman’s. He is a cynical, rude, and cold, individual who carries out his duties perfectly but without signs of true loyalty.

Yuuna Hayashi is the youngest member of her family. Accompanied by Takehiro to the western world, she has taken refuge in the solitude of her family’s small western home. She enjoys parties and all forms of entertainment. She is prone to anxiety, and so carries a pipe that is always lit with lavender incense. She is extremely intelligent and can easily find anything she desires in her many books.

Alessandra Crocifissa is a runaway princess. She is flighty and suspicious, and quite timid. She is determined and kind to a fault. She is loyal, and protective of those she cares for. Though she hates violence she is well trained in combat and can hold her own against any skilled warrior. She is most often called Ales, a nickname given to her by the Blue Siren.



I’m a little tired. I mean. It is 1:30 in the morning. That I’m actually tired is a GOOD thing. And yet. Here I am…not going to bed. I just spent the last couple of hours trying to do my crafting on GuildWars2. I’ve become obsessed. Why is it taking so long? Because I have to go GATHER the materials AND buy stuff, and my character’s account is depleted.

Takehiro: One should not complain about such frivolous things.

Yuuna: (She has her long pipe burning lavender incense). Don’t speak with it. You will only encourage unwanted conversation.

I gape at them, offended that my own creations would treat me so coldly!

Me: What are you two doing, talking to me like that?

Neither answers.

Ales: Don’t mind them Mistress. They just think themselves better than everyone else.

Me: Why?!

Ales: Did you not make them that way?

Me: Well…er…I haven’t actually written anything yet.

Ales: But it is as you imagine them.

Me: …Yes?

Takehiro: Stupid woman cannot even decide if she knows herself or not.

Me: Hey!

Yuuna: I miss the sakura…

Me: What is going on?

I’m getting tired. That melatonin is kicking in real good. I go lay down and shut my eyes…just for a minute. And then I fall asleep…and then I wake up to being poked in the face. I pop open an eye and glare at Takehiro. He is squatted down beside me, his cheek resting on his fist as he stares at me with a bored expression.

Takehiro: It fell asleep.

I smack his hand away and sit up.

Takehiro: What a lazy creature. It didn’t get back up until after noon.

Yuuna: That is human for you. Stay up after three in the morning and you will not wake until the day is near gone.

Me: Why are you still here?

My cat is outside my door meowing. He’s eaten, he could jump on my bed to be comfortable, I loved him and he decided when it should stop. He wants to go outside, but it’s windy and I’m afraid he’ll get blown away if I let him out.

Takehiro: Do not mind the pestering feline thing.

crets To Drawing Video Course

Secrets To Drawing Video Course

Ales: You really ought to leave her alone.

Takehiro: Whatever for? She wanted our attention. Now I am giving it to her.

Me: You’re a bully aren’t you!

Takehiro: (Scowling). No. You are. Do not write our story.

Me: What? (I take pause to talk to my insistent cat. And then go back to Takehiro). What?

Takehiro: Can you not see that I am perfectly happy?

Me: (Staring at his not so happy face). No.

Takehiro: (His brow has started to twitch. He sits back and crosses his arms to regain some control over his composure). Leave us alone.

Me: (With a side glance at Ales). Do you want me to tell the story?

Ales: I really don’t mind so long as my brother doesn’t find me.

Takehiro/Yuuna: Ew.

Ales: (Smiling). That seems to be the general opinion.

Yuuna: Well. You are…(she glances at Takehiro.) Well. You know. (Takehiro has a particular hatred for Penta-girls so they haven’t told him that Ales is one. He doesn’t seem interested in being told Yuuna’s implication).

Me: Anyway. I am going to start your story today seeing as I’ve just edited Green Man who is now off to the beta readers, and I’ve done a speed through edit with The Silver Swan. I still need to let The Blue Siren sit so…nothing really left to do.

Halenor: Ahem. Excuse me?

Me: (I cower and slowly turn around.) Oh. Hi guys!

Halenor and his troops, basically The Pack, are standing staring at me with their arms crossed.

Fin: Nothing really left to do hmmm? (He’s got Guntur on his shoulders, who is holding some kind of sign down so I can’t see it, and wearing a scowl)

Amrod: It seems we have become unimportant. (He has no one on his shoulders but looks displeased nonetheless. He is also holding a hidden sign).

Minel: I do not want to do this. (He has Burak on his shoulders, who is mirroring his brother’s pose.)

Fin: Let her see them!

The men with signs lift them. I stare at what they say.


Halenor: Are you satisfied?

Me: Bu-bu-but!

Halenor: Forgotten, discarded. Not worth the effort of editing.

Me: That’s not true!

Halenor: Your power characters are getting fed up with you.

Me: I am editing you! Just slowly.

Burak: Nothing gets done slowly!

Me: Yes it does. Just…slowly!

Minel: I must admit Mistress. It is difficult to be sitting in the shadows of your fairytales when we were your first family.

I stare at him frowning, and then I run into his arms, though he hadn’t offered them. Burak wobbles and grabs onto Minel’s hair to keep from falling, and Minel grits his teeth, clinging to me so he wont stumble back.

Me: You always know what to say Minel. I’ll go edit! For your sake! Takehiro and his snob-mistress can wait!

Fin: Yes!

Takehiro: Excuse me?

Yuuna: You mean to say you are going to ignore us?

Me: (Smirking and taking Minel’s arm.) Where were we anyway?

Minel: Actually mistress. (We’re walking away from the others. ALL of the others, save for Burak on his shoulders. They gawk.) I don’t think I come back after the tournament. Only Halenor and the twins.

Me: Now why did I do that?

Minel: I have other duties Mistress.

Ales: (Shaking her head). Men. (She glances at Halenor). Where is the pub I keep hearing about?

Halenor: (Glancing at her). Come along. I will take you there.

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