Character Arguments

The Affectionate Russian Blue


The Black Cat by yuumei

Russian Blue Cat











Introducing: Cat is a Russian Blue tomcat who is also a familiar. He has had many masters most of which he has outlived, but some he has abandoned. He is affectionate, intelligent, and playful. But like most toms he has an attitude that rivals most other cats. He can be aggressive and possessive, and hates being ignored.



TakehiroDid you have to write in such a testosterone driven character?

Me: What do you mean?

He glances over at where Cat is sitting. He has Ales in his lap, his arms are wrapped around her tightly, and he’s rubbing his face all over her. She looks exhausted and mortified.

Me: I wish my cat was that affectionate with me.

Takehiro: But he is not merely a cat. He is a familiar who likes to spend his time in human form. Not only that but he has decided to marry Ales. She is traumatized.

Me: Are you jealous?

Takehiro: No.

Me: Not yet hmmm?

Takehiro: What does that mean?

Me: (I shrug). Hey Cat! (He glances at me). Mind laying off for a little bit?

Cat: How ’bout you give me a real name.

Me: Ugh. You all are always so demanding. I’m too tired to give you a name.

Cat: My masters have always given me a name.

Me: I am your creator slash mistress, not your master in that way.

Cat: Then Ales can name me.

Me: Will that get you to leave her alone?

Takehiro: Exactly the opposite. He will never let her go.


Me: Will someone give him a name?

Yuuna appears behind Cat and Ales. She grabs him by the scruff and pulls him back.

YuunaI shall think of one. (She drags him away, he looking a little more than surprised).

Me: There. He gets a name, Ales is free. Are you happy?

Takehiro: Hmph…

Me: (Smacks head). To think. I have to go write you now…

Takehiro: Do whatever pleases you. I have chores to do.

He leaves. It’s just me and Ales, who looks miserable. I turn to her and smile.

Me: I think it is time to liven things up.

Ales: (Staring at me). How do you mean?

Me: Let’s see if we can force Takehiro into having fun.

Ales: (She slowly smiles and nods.) Ok!