A Time Out for Power



Introducing: Galadin is the nephew of Lord Neldred of Vendell falls. He is a serious character who dislikes nonsense. He is one of few elves of his realm that is of a military mindset. He has taken it upon himself to create a defense system for his people, for most there are of a philosophical nature than warrior. Though he comes across as cold and stern he cares deeply for those he has allowed into his inner circle, and he takes great care to keep those people safe from the dangers of their world.



Malina: I see you have recovered most of my first book through creating an outline from memory. Do you intend to plan the rest of that series any time soon?

Me: I’m not even done with series one. I have plenty of time to play with you and your story. Besides. Since your book was lost my brain has exploded with ideas. I may have to rewrite the whole thing, but it’ll have enough differences that the loss is no real loss.

Nadir: And what of the characters who are neither a part of the first series or the last, but caught up in the so called chronicles in between? You seem to be indecisive of whether you intend to write us or not.

Me: I just don’t know if it’s worth it…

Nadir: Not worth it she says. Then why was I created? Must I wander in limbo all your existence because you don’t want to take the time to write my story?

Me: Why are you suddenly so interested in your story being written? You were reluctant before.

Galadin: Some of us would like to live out our endings, whether they be good or bad.

Me: Whoa! You never come to the party. What are you doing here?

Galadin: I know full well what you are going to do to me. And now that you are considering not writing the chronicles I will receive no compensation for the horrors I will endure in the future. A future that may never be mentioned in any books but is my reality because you have already decided that it is to come to pass.

Me: Tragedies are beautiful. Why are you so unhappy to be a part of one? You act as if life is already doomed to end with misery. You suddenly want a happy ever after?

Galadin: You made me the way I am.

Malina: Mistress Epicness, I have heard much of this man’s life, and I respect him. Are you really not going to write him the story he deserves?

Me: I…don’t know. I’m so busy with fairy tales. It’s hard to make time for the Power series. I mean. If I could get an agent for them I would totally have more motivation to get ‘er done. But as things stand, I have to keep up with the fairytales because that is what I am currently selling.

Nadir: It’s always about the money.

Me: Hey. You don’t have student loans to pay off, an apartment to save up for, or a plane ticket out of the country to purchase.

Galadin: We are so happy to know your priorities.

Me: You guys are a priority! Just not an immediate one. And the chronicles…well. I just don’t know.

Nadir: Will the final series make sense without them?

Me: (I stare, pondering). I could make it make sense…it just…would be more fun I think if people got to read the efforts that bring about that series…

Mot: If you do not write the chronicles I have no love.

Me: Mot! I…uh…hmmm…

Mot: Is my desire to be ignored?

Me: Your desire is a tragic one. She won’t ever return your feelings!

Mot: And yet I have made my choice.

Me: When did all of you become so…real?

Malina: We are only as real as you imagine us.

Nadir: It is the fault of your own desires.

Galadin: Our personalities have turned to that of true individuals because that is how you made us.

Me: Oh you guys. You’re just butt kissing because you want your stories written.

Mot: We deserve a conclusion just as well as your fairytale characters.

Galadin: The main difference between us and them is that their tale ends with their book. For us, our lives are interconnected through several. For us, it does not end until Edar is saved.

Nadir: Or destroyed. That is the ending we do not know, for with you, it is never certain what the world’s fate may be.

Me: It’s still up in the air.

They all stare at me, none looking all too surprised. I smile. Fun as writing the fairy tales are, it is my characters of Power that will always be at the forefront of my heart.


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