Weddings? I Love Weddings! And Tamales. I Really Love Tamales.



Me: Aw man. Now I’m really sleepy…

AlaricI won’t complain. You’ve done well.

AlesBut did you have to make it all so dramatic?

Me: Of course I did.

CatAt least I got a name.

AnaYou lot aren’t the only ones who are now ready to get edited.

SirenIndeed. There are two stories before yours that must get done.

Cat: I’m content.

Me: I’m not. I need to add a chapter in your story. It just doesn’t feel like there’s enough time in between the two parts…

Ales: What?! It’s already one of the longest stories you’ve written.

Me: Only by a little…

Ales: (Nervously) What are you going to do?

Me: I dunno…something cute. I haven’t decided yet.

Ana: You can decide when you’ve edited my story.

Me: I am waiting for the person you’re based off of to give final approval of your choices.

Ana: What is wrong with my choices?

Me: I don’t know if there is any…

Siren: You are satisfied with me then?

Me: Ha! Yeah. If there’s one female character I’m not afraid of being unique, it’s you.

Siren smirks. She knows well that my reply is neither a diss nor a compliment.

Me: Anyway. I’m supposed to be getting ready for a wedding tomorrow.

Cat: Who’s wedding?!

Ana: Not hers.

Me: Shut up. (Sighs). I want a nap…

Alaric: It’s nearly half past six.

Me: So?

Ales: You sleep a lot mistress.

Me: Gah! You people always want to complain about something.

Ana: We are only worried about you.

Me: I don’t believe you.

Cat: Probably wise.

Me: Hey! I got you a name didn’t I?

Cat: (Sighing). Yes. And now apparently a new strenuous relationship.

Me: Yuuna is a good girl!

Cat: And now my master. But I dislike what you have done. Way to complicate things between servant and master.

Me: (Smirking). Isn’t that the way it ought to be?

I pause, hearing my brother ask my mom about the tamales she’s brought home. I ditch these characters. Forget them. I’m going to go steal a tamale!

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