I Asked My Sister To Edit Her Character, What She Did Blew My Mind

Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown


AnyaYou appear to be very happy…

Me: Your real life you, my sister, has put in some edits for your character in some of the chapters.

Sable: Oh? What did she say?

Many of my Tales of Evermagic characters are here because they are now interested. They can’t meet my family in real life, so they can only get their opinion of me when I tell them.

Me: She said she wouldn’t believe it, no matter what, if I was being accused of the things Sable is in the story.

Some of my other characters scoff, but Sable and Anya exchange glances in which there is a moment I can see a flicker of agreement between them. 

Me: In the beginning when Anya is thinking about how she doesn’t know what to do about Sable being accused of these terrible things, my sister was like…I wouldn’t have believed that you’d given in to the curse of the black swan. She said I was too strong, and that she couldn’t imagine me killing our parents.

Sable: Anya?

Anya: To be honest I was struggling with that part myself. It didn’t feel right.

Me: That is because you are my sister!

Sable: It sounds like our sisters have more faith in us that we anticipated.

Me: But I anticipated that it would be difficult for them to bring this up because they know no one will believe them.

Anya: Well no one would! They don’t know you like I do!

Me: (Smiling). Awe.

Sable: Any way. How are you going to fix this? There is a lot that rides on the fact that I am forced to run away.

Me: Oh it will work out.

Anya: But it is frustrating that you don’t do anything about this predicament! I know you can. Why don’t you just go in and fix it?

I exchange glances with Sable. We both know the answer to that.

Sable: Trust me.

Anya: (Frowning). All right…

Me: We can’t give anything away!

Sable: But you know…the fact that I go bad is something don’t find hard to believe…

Me: Well…

I look at her guiltily and Anya and she glare at me.

Me: It depends on life! Whether you go bad or not isn’t important right now.

Anya: You mean…she does?

Sable: See. No surprise there.

Anya: But! What about what your sister said?

Me: Just because you two don’t believe it doesn’t mean it isn’t a possibility under the right circumstances. Let’s be honest. The things the good subjects do to Sable isn’t something I would tolerate without great inner strength.

Sable: Which, let’s be honest. Is something I lack.

Anya: No! Why are you doing this? I can’t do this without you Sable! Why would you go bad?

Me: Calm down Anya! Swan Lake is a tragedy mind you. Let the story go where it will.

Anya: (Glaring at me). Are you telling me that I’m going to die in the end?!

Me: Oh I don’t know. I can’t give everything away you know. But tragedies are beautiful for a reason.

Anya: Fine! You (pointing at Sable) go bad. And you! (Pointing at me). Kill me if you think your readers will like it!

Sable and I exchange glances again as Anya storms off. I sigh. 

Sable: It’s nice to know our sister’s belief in us is that firm.

Me: Yeah. After everything we went through as kids, I’m surprised actually. All right. Time to make the modifications.

Sable: Mistress Me…? (I pause and glance at her). Am I really going to go bad?

Me: Like I said…it will depend…

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