I’m So Overwhelmed And Tired. Why Won’t They Leave Me Alone?

Artist: Karol Bak

SableWhere have you been, slob?

Me: (Crying). You’re so mean.

Sable: I am you.

Me: Look. My parents asked, no, begged me to help them with a house they’re fixing up in Fontana. They asked me to paint the baseboards of the whole house! It’s two stories by the way. I’ve been at it all week. Contractors and others may laugh, but I’ve been getting up at least three hours earlier than I’m used to, still going to bed late because I have my own work to catch up on, and that’s physical labor I’m not used to. Having to do the door frames, and baseboards sucks. I probably do 200 squats a day.

Sable: Excuses.

Me: And! I’m waiting for my sister to go through and make sure that Aderes (I changed her name so it wasn’t so close to Ana from Frozen), was acting true to her.

Sable: And your point is?

Me: (Wailing). I still have to make dinner for the boys!

Doristanen appears, but Sabina blocks his way. Her arms are crossed, and she’s glaring at me.

Sable: No one is going to save you in the real world, why should you call on your imaginary lover to do it in your head.

Me: I’m so tired I just want someone gorgeous with manly arms to hold me, and let me take a nap…or watch Netflix. Plus, I nearly had a heartattack when a friend thought I was poking fun at her. We fixed all that, but it’s easier to not be alarmed by her when we’re together. I hate messenger. You can’t tell anyone’s actual emotes through written message. Their tone is totally up to you, and tone communicates so much.

Sable: Yes. That is why you are so attentive on making sure ours are known…could you stop having to retype what I am saying because of typos, and replacing words that aren’t even close to being accurate?!

Me: I still have so much to do.

Sable sighs. Doristanen makes his way around her, and sits beside me. Quiet strength, just what I need. If only he were real *tears*.

Sable: I will let you to it then. Get to us as soon as you can. Our launch date is approaching.

I nod, and she leaves. I just want to take a nap, but there is no way. I’m obviously not going to make it to the movie night tonight…though I didn’t much want to go to begin with.

I write bad days for my characters, and I take delight in their journey. I sympathize with them. Do I get any of that in return? No! They just want me to get back to work. Ha! There’s nothing they can do about it.

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