Finally. A break from all that bickering…


Vimala Teaser art by Brilcrist

DoristanenMistress, you look tired.

Me: Finally! A sympathetic character has come.

Doristanen: You are finished with your most pressing project now?

Me: (Sighing). Yes. Thank goodness…

Doristanen: I am glad. What do you have to do next?

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Me: Well. I have two cosplays to make before the end of the month, I need to edit The Silver Swan so it can be ready for publication, but most immediately–a meeting tomorrow morning. Kill me now.

Doristanen: Why would you ask me to kill you?

Me: It’s a figure of speech. I don’t really mean it…I mean…sort of.

Doristanen: You should feel accomplished anyway, so why do you look disappointed?

Me: I was supposed to go to L.A. tomorrow with my brother and mom. Now I have to stay home and babysit my other brother and all his friends.

Doristanen: You were looking forward to the trip.

Me: Well, yes. Trevor is going for an interview with an agency for modeling. I mean. It could be just one of those things that are like ‘oh yeah, come model for us, but you have to pay this much money which you can’t afford to get into our program to take classes and la de da’. If it’s that I’m not going to be so disappointed, but if it’s legit, I would have liked to be there. I am trying to get into that industry, so it would have been nice to get a look at it. Every time we go to one of these things, it isn’t an actual agency looking for employees. Just people feeding off the dreams and hopes of others to make a quick buck off of the desperate who can pay.

Doristanen: It all seems complicated, this world you live in.

Me: Yeah well. So is yours.

Doristanen: (He smiles). You did make it that way.

Me: (I shrug). Got to keep it interesting.

Doristanen: Thank you for completing book 4’s edits. Though I understand you mean to go through it again?

Me: I always mean to go through things again. It’s never good enough in my opinion, and I keep learning new grammar things. Just so you know…I hate commas.

Doristanen: I understand. But what of book 5?

Me: I think I’m missing part of it. I have to go looking for the last half. I really don’t want to have to rewrite it again, considering I probably don’t remember a lot of what I wrote…

Doristanen: That is worrisome.

Me: You’re telling me!

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Doristanen: Well then, get some rest, Mistress. It is summer after all. You ought to enjoy yourself.

Me: Do you ever take breaks to enjoy yourself?

Doristanen: Not often.

Me: I did write you that way…

Doristanen: I do not rest even after death. I do not understand this: rest in peace, saying you have in your world. The dead do not rest. There’s even more to do after words.

Me: I never thought of it like that.

Doristanen: I suspect few people do.

Me: Well, as much as I like having you around, I do need to get myself organized for the next endeavor. You are more than welcome to hang around though.

Doristanen: Of course, Mistress.

I smile, and start moving things around. It’s nice to have a character who is on my side…

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