Jumping Bugs, the 10th Kingdom, and Dinosaurs!

My silent comrade by Nivalis70

My silent comrade by Nivalis70

Introducing: Lonan is a servant in the kingdom of Eale, serving Aderes and Sable quietly and gratefully. He is the only one who believes in Aderes when it’s thought she has gone mad. He quickly becomes the one ally who is determined to save her and her kingdom, for he has already suffered the loss of his and will not see it happen again to someone else.


Me: There is a bug on the side of my bed that is against the wall. It’s jumping. I want to go to bed…I can’t go to bed…

Lonan: My lady…it is only a grasshopper.

Me: I don’t want to touch it!

Lonan: I would retrieve it for you, Mistress. Except, I only exist in your imagination.

Me: Awe, you’re sweet, but not helpful!

AdrianMan up. Catch the thing, go to bed, and get to work when you wake up.

Me: Ack. Why did it have to be you?

MalinaI thought that you liked Aether?

Me: I’m too tired to deal with him.

Adrian: So catch the grasshopper and go to bed.

Me: …I don’t want to touch it.

Lonan: Perhaps a cup?

Me: Ugh! You want me to work when I’m tired?

Adrian: I didn’t know you whined.

Me: Hey! Watch it bud. I am your creator.

Malina: How is that coming by the way?

Lonan: Does she have time for you lot when she is working so hard on her cosplay, another person’s cosplay, and trying to find time to edit my lady’s story?

Me: But I am thinking about it!

Adrian: And what have you discovered in that labyrinth of thoughts of yours?

Me: I have a new first book. Instead of starting in the middle of Malina’s journey, I will start at the beginning. Even further back than Eleventra’s.

Malina: That sounds like it will be a difficult thing.

Me: Not to write. But it will be good for readers to get to know you better.

Lonan: But first you need to find time to do it.

Adrian: You are only saying that because you are the priority.

Me: I want to go to bed!

Malina: What is the 10th Kingdom?

Me: Oh…it’s a movie. Speaking of movie! You guys were there! What did you think of Jurassic World?!

Adrian: I wasn’t all that impressed.

Me: Shut up. You’re not impressed by anything.

Malina: I thought it rather exciting actually…can I have a dinosaur?

Me: No.

Lonan: I would rather not have to deal with all of that…teeth. I have other problems.

Malina: But if they were tame…?

Adrian: Tch. Were you not watching the movie?

Malina: I–

Me: No spoilers! That’s for my review on Movie Pilot and my website’s blog! I just don’t know when I’ll have time to write it…

Adrian: Right, catch the bug, go to bed.

Me: Sigh. I’m going to have to…

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