Monsters Under My Bed & Boys In My head


Battle Saint Tea – adv by algenpfleger

There is a low cackling sound coming from behind me. I shut my eyes. I know who it is. I prepare myself and slowly turn around. She has come… The Blue Siren.

SirenSo. You have finally finished with your swan girls.

Me: Well…yes.

Siren: And now it is my turn to spend my time in the spotlight.

AderesWait a moment!

Siren: What is it little girl?

Me: (I wince. This isn’t good.) Hey guys…

Sable(Ignoring me.) It is not your turn yet.

Siren: Oh? I am fairly certain that the two of you have had the focus on your story for far too long. It is my turn to be revealed.

Aderes: You’ve already been revealed!

Siren: It has been a long time…

Sable: Wait your turn, fool.

Siren: Fool?

Me: Ugh. I knew these guys wouldn’t get along.

Siren: I have suffered a tragic end to what ought to have been a happy ever after! I deserve a conclusion!

Aderes: Everyone deserves a happy conclusion. It cannot be helped that our creator thought it necessary to drag your story out! Besides. Sable’s story is sadder.

Sable: What? My story? I don’t have one.

Aderes: (Winces.) Um…

Me: Dum dum. She doesn’t remember.

CarnaJust like another character you’ve based off yourself.

Me: Eek! What are you doing here?

Carna: I thought I would join the party.

Me: Uh…It’s ok. I have my hands full enough as it is.

Carna: Oh? Seems to me there could be more of us. Men!

The pack has come. My brow twitches. I have two swans and a siren fighting, Carna and her buddies staring me down, and is that…


Me: Ah! What are the elements doing here?

Conleth: (Putting his arm around me.) We felt your desire to delve into our story so we have come.

Me: (Crying.) That makes the urge worse.


Me: I don’t have time!

Aderes: Take that!

I look around. The Siren and swan sisters are duking it out. I can tell they’re holding back but still!

Me: Come on you guys!

Carna: My. It is utter chaos in your head.

Me: (Glaring at her.) No thanks to you. Everybody out! I don’t have time for this. I’m going away this weekend for super awesome girl time with my lady friends and you are not invited!

There is an uproar of laughter.

Solas: (Patting my arm.) We know better, Mistress. (He leans down so his face is in mine. He’s handsome and all, but only sort of my type so I manage to keep from blushing and getting frazzled by his dazzling grin.) We know. (He rustles my hair.) We’re always on your mind.

Conleth: And you like it that way.

I look around. It’s so lively all of a sudden. I grin slowly. Even with the girls battling and the pack being loud and obnoxious and the elemental brothers poking fun at me, I know it’s true. I love my characters, and let’s be honest. They are always on my mind.

Aderes: I am Chandra Selene…I have not yet forgotten my duty or my promise. I am one of the three celestial sisters who sealed away the great evil six hundred years ago, and a curse to all demons. A curse, you siren, is exactly what you are!

I gawk as Aderes changes and thankfully alters one of her spoiler lines at the end of her book and releases an incredible surge of power that sends the flaming siren back. She screams until she is caught from behind by Sable who has a dangerous and sinister grin on her face. I gasp.

Me: Don’t you dare!!!

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