A Siren Update


Carat by Jennyeight

SirenWhy haven’t you sent me to your beta readers yet?

Me: …cause your story makes me nervous.

Siren: You are always nervous to send your stories to readers.

Me: Yeah…but. Yours is like…way different. I mean. Not only are you gruesome and violent and the darkest tale yet, but the way I wrote you was…different. There’s a lot of characters, and the love story is like…

Siren: Don’t lie. You were grinning like an idiot when Ber and I finally started getting along.

Me: Yeah. That was cute ^.^

Siren: Anyway. I suppose I can’t be too upset. You are making progress. Editing…again. The cover is all right. What are you going to do about the title graphics?

Me: I don’t know. (Sighs). Since you’re a darker story your base is black instead of white, but that messes with how the text flows into it. Grumble!

Siren: Mistress…

Me: Yes.

Siren: Who are these new characters from a world that is neither Evermagic nor Power?

Me: He he he.

A new project is unfolding. Should my characters be worried? Or is this going to fall to the back burner like others have? Who knows.

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