Character Jealousy


sk-06-21 by Harpiya


Guntur(Dancing with his twin.) She’s come to play with us again!

BurakHurah! We’re not dead!

Me: You guys aren’t even in the book I was editing last night!

Burak: But it’s the universe we live in!

Guntur: And when you start playing with one you’ll play with them all.

Burak: (Looking off toward the Evermagic plane.) Take that, fairy tale snobs!

CarnaLet’s not get too excited.

The Twins(Sighing.) You’re right.

Me: Hey!

Carna: What I want to know is…

AmrodWho is that?

They’re all looking one way, somewhere far in the planes of my imagination. I can see a faint figure that I recognize. I’ve totally drawn her on paper so her image is pretty solid in my mind. One side of her head is shaved, she has long darkish ashy brown hair with purple ends, her eyes are green like mine, and she’s got some scars on her face. She’s wearing post apocalyptic type clothes and with her is a man whose image is a little more vague for my not havng a solid idea of how I want him to look yet.

I laugh nervously.

Me: They’re nobody. Nobody at all.


I cringe and look beside me at Doristanen who is studying them from where he stands. 

Burak: What’s Ghost?

Doristanen: (Sliding his gaze on me.) Another world.

I gawk at him and the serious and slightly mean expression on his face. He’s never looked at me like that before. Nooo!!! He’s mad!

Me: It’s just something I’m playing around with!

Doristanen: I could forgive the fairy tales. It didn’t really feel like cheating then. They were so different from us…but this…

Carna: You really have a thing for guys with white hair, don’t you…

I glance at her, tension in my arms and chest. I start to twitch. She’s right. Doristanen’s hair is silver white, a version of the love interest for my character in Evermagic has white hair, and I’m really seriously considering giving this guy white hair…though I think only when he’s in spirit form. Maybe ashy blonde hair for when he’s not?

Amrod: At least your eye colors are different…

Me: That’s right! His are going to be yellow…or red. I haven’t quite decided.

Doristanen turns to glare at me. 

Wahhh!!! Now I feel like a cheater!

What’s going to happen when I get married?


I don’t want to think about it…

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