Resistance Is Futile!!!


Hippocampal by naturaljuice

HalenorStop taking naps you lazy brat! (He throws his shoe at me).

Me: Waaaah!!! I haven’t taken a nap today!

Halenor: You slept TWICE while editing one of our chapters. Why couldn’t you just stick it and get through the dang chapter?

Me: That was two days ago! Why are you ragging on me now?! I did so good yesterday but do I get praised? No! Just ridiculed for that chapter 7 which exhausted me to death!

TwinsYou don’t look dead to us.

Me: Why are you the ones bugging me about this book? You’re not in it. You don’t show up until book 3! I’m working on book 1!

Twins: Because the faster you get done with it the faster you can get to us.

Me: Why is there no one coming to my defense?

Halenor: Doristanen is still brooding over your new series. He feels utterly betrayed. You know how jealous he gets. You wrote him that way.

Me: Well, yeah. I know. But I didn’t think he would take it this hard. I’ve been working on the fairy tales all this time. I haven’t really even touched Ghost save for those little bits I get in my head.

Halenor: And yet here you are, arguing with us while listening to their playlist. The playlist you’re making for Ghost. You didn’t even start making a playlist for us until yesterday.

Me: That’s because I’m more picky about you guys than I am the others. You all are more special! I can’t just willy nilly with you guys! It has to be PERFECT!!!!

I feel a pair of arms come around me and I get giddy. It’s like in a shojo manga when the girl’s love interest gets a hug from behind. Squee!! ^.^

DoristanenIf it’s like that then I can forgive you.

BurakHow scandalous!

GunturIs that drool coming out her mouth?

SirenExcuse me…

I blink, coming out of my dreamy daze, and look up. The siren’s come and she looks like she’s going to kill me. Her hair is all floating like Medusa snake hair and her eyes are glowing with a dangerous sheen. Doristanen’s arms, teasing me at first, have turned protective… or is that possessive?

Me: Ha ha ha… Now you guys know who the real loser is here. (I point at her, still too giddy to act appropriately.) I haven’t worked on her since before I got the beta notes back on her. I haven’t even looked at them. See. If any one’s getting the short end here it’s her.

Siren: Raaaahh!!!! (She starts running about, throwing things and chasing after the twins. They shouldn’t be having fun being chased by someone like her, but they are. They’re even taunting her, making matters worse.)

Doristanen: Now, Mistress. What were you going to do today?

Me: (Hypnotized.) Edit the first Power book…

Doristanen: (Patting my head). Good girl.

Me: Except… this music… it really makes me want to write for Gh–

Doristanen: (Clamping his hand over my mouth.) Shhh… go to the next chapter now. I want to see you dance…

Oh yeah… I’m her. Carna before she loses her memories. Hmmm… ^.^ I toddle off to go edit, totally aware I just got played.

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One thought on “Resistance Is Futile!!!

  1. haha that is pretty classic

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