… Nope … Just. Nope …


Professor Franken Stein from Soul Eater

Introducing: … … ………. … ………………. um… He’s… an eel. A familiar to the spirit of the ocean Odessa. And he’s… um… an eel.

They’re clinging to me, Evermagic and Power characters alike. They’re pulling down on my pants, my shirt, and my hair. So glad I’ve got jeans on. My head’s straining back as I struggle to hold it up to see the screen. All my characters are freaking out.


FinDon’t do it!

SirenResist it! Fight it!

BurakMistress, please! (Tears are in his eyes, and his arms are wrapped around my waist, his cheek pressed into the curve of my hip).

TakehiroLet her do it. If she wants to waste her time on another series let her!

Siren: You’re just saying that because you’re afraid of your story! (She’s the one pulling on my hair. Her butt’s on the ground, her feet are up to brace against the back of my chair, both her hands are around my hair, and she’s pulling so tears are coming to my eyes.)

Takehiro: (Getting in her face). I’m not afraid of anything.

Kunagi: (High pitched unsettling laughter). Good evening.

The others turn around and gasp for what they see. A silver haired man covered in scars with pointed teeth and tiny black pupils in white eyes is sitting in a rolling chair and wearing a white lab coat. He starts to roll forward and the others cling to me more fiercely.

HalenorWhat is that..?

Kunagi: Oh dear. It looks like we’re going to have some issues here aren’t we…

Me: Help!

Kunagi watches for a moment and then, grinning, starts to paddle his feet forward, but then…

Voice: Kunagi. Dinner!

I gasp and turn a strained faced toward Kunagi. His smile disappears, but then he slowly grins again and then starts to paddle backwards. I gawk and stare as he goes away…

Fin: What is that smell?!

Siren: Gross. It’s like rotting fish!!!

The others gathered around are dying from the stench of what’s coming from the back doors of my imagination.

Kunagi: I leave it to you, Mistress… (He disappears into the mist that is carrying the stench of his next meal, still grinning).

Me: Kunagi… Kunagi wait! Kunagi!

I reach forth my hands and…

“…took a step back as he reached into the sack and pulled out an old smelly fish. The grin on his face gave way the sharp teeth he often kept hidden with tight lips, and he tilted his head back to clamp his mouth over the raw thing.”

My Characters: NOOOO!!!

A new series has begun…

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