Rearranging the Madness


Artist Unknown


Wendy is a young magic user who isn’t exactly sure what type of magician she is. She’s the innocent happy type who’s not dumb but not exactly smart either. She is determined to work for Master Rum in the White Tiger Guild and has a “if you believe it you can achieve it” outlook. She’s from a rich family, though few would know for her wanting to do things on her own. She often surprises people with her status when it comes up.

Maren is a girl with a scary past. She was abducted by bandits but saved by a voror, a warden spirit who cares for a single person throughout his or her life. She’s from a modest middle class family who helps to manage the shipyards. She’s become happy, mostly forgetting her ordeal, but has a caution about her that sometimes puts others off.


Me: Woooo!!!

CarnaWhat’s with you?

Me: I just got excited is all. I finally went ahead and agreed to a one year contract with an advertising company. I was nervous about it at first, but I think it’s going to be ok. Still a little scared because it’s new territory, but if sales go up, it won’t even matter and I feel more excited than anything.

Carna: What has you iffy about it?

Me: They may want to change the cover and I like the cover.

SirenWell, I won’t complain. You’re doing a pretty decent job of getting my book finished. It’s going to be a little later than some of the others, but it’ll be more refined. You’ll finish the last edits soon, yes?

Me: Absolutely!

AlesAnd you practically blew through mine in one night. Is that a good thing?

Me: For story content yes, for the actual edits…probably not. But don’t worry! You’ll get more editing before being published so you’ll be pretty too.

Ales: All right…

Wendy: But what about us?

I look over where a caramel eyed caramel haired girl is standing with a girl whose physical description has yet to come to my mind. Frustration!

Me: Ah, yes. You two. Well. I gave both your premises to my sister and she said she’d rather read yours first (I point at the ambiguous character). But I’m having trouble seeing you clearly. (I squint)… Ah! I can’t find your name! Where did I put your name?! Few, found it. Maren.

Maren: If you can’t see me clearly why do you have a picture for me in your documents?

Me: I don’t know if I like it…

Wendy: So you’re going to try to convince your sister I’d be better first?

Me: Well, the order in your and Maren’s case doesn’t matter too much. I just realized that I had two dark stories in a row and I couldn’t have that. Besides that, I need an innocent bimbo type for the 12 dancing princesses that I’m plotting and the one in that darker story didn’t fit…like…no.

Wendy: Innocent bimbo?

Maren: Which of us is that?

I regard them for a moment, not sure if I ought to tell them. I mean. They’re both going to be innocent, but only one of them is actually slow to learn.

Me: It doesn’t matter. I just needed a girl who was super positive! (I hold up my thumb and wink. Wendy smiles and copies the gesture. Ding ding ding. We have a winner.)

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