A New Friend!


Artist Unknown

Introduction: Gudomlay. She’s that character that was off in the distance in this post. She’s one of those who’s going to go through a major change. Like from sweet innocent girl to I’ve had enough, time to take out the world. For right now she’s a star student who’s struggling with her combat skills for fear of getting hurt. That’s it. She’s keeping it a big secret because she’s embarrassed by how stupid it is, but it’s the only reason why she’s holding back. She’s got the strength and dexterity. Now if only she had the heart.

Well, it won’t matter for long. She’s going to get the short end of the stick, realize her dream is never going to come true, and goes full out rebel by the end of her third year in training, pulling some stunts that rids her of all inhibitions while she’s at it.

But the above picture is how I imagine Maren who was introduced here. I was too lazy to find another picture I thought suited Gudomlay.


Me: (Laying my head on the desk). I’m so tired.

CarnaWhy? (She’s sitting with her legs crossed and cleaning her knives).

Me: I dunno. Maybe it’s the time change? Or maybe it’s all the crazy crap I had to prepare for all the crazy crap going on this weekend.

MarenWell, you seem to be doing all right with Tin Man now.

Me: Oh, are you here?

Maren: (Smiling sheepishly). I just wanted to thank you for writing so much last night.

Me: (Lifting my head a little). Someone who…appreciates me…

Gudomlay: You got a lot done with me too, and I’m not even a priority right now. (She pats my head). Thanks, Mistress!

Carna: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You mean to say that instead of editing my books you’re working on little miss shy girl and this…person who acknowledges that she’s not important?

Me: (Whining). Why? Why are you always yelling at me?

Carna: But I’m you!

Gudomlay: Excuse me. So am I. At least. In part.

Carna: How many of us are you basing off yourself?!

Me: One for each series. You for Power, her for Ghost, and Sable for Evermagic. I must be crazy though cause you all are freakishly different.

Carna and Gudomlay glance at one another.

Me: But there are several layers to a person. So I suppose that each of you are just one or two layers of who I am.

Maren: No one would be interesting if they were only one layer.

Me: Right? Man. I found a new friend. Let’s go Maren.

Maren: Where are we going?

Me: To chill until I have the energy to write for you.

Carna: Wait!

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