Don’t Show Them That!



Artist Unknown


Prince Izana Wistalia


IntroducingGladwin. Wow. He’s not ever shown up in an argument before. Surprise! Gladwin is the prince of Frisna in The Masked Slipper and an odd duck. He’s spent most of his life playing the fool but is actually an extremely intelligent man with a playful side. At least, he does when he’s with his wife. Acting like a kid has forced him to be childish, but he really isn’t unless Nicolette provokes him, and since he’s in love with her that seems to be all the time.

Ulrich. Yeah. He’s not been in an argument before either. Husband number 2. He’s the huntsman in Fire’s Hart and the man who gets turned into a stag. He’s a kind of no nonsense type who likes to do things in order. He’s a little shy and can be bashful when it comes to his feelings, but Rose takes care of that and likes to tease him a lot. He takes it but that’s probably because, you know. He’s in love with her.



NicoletteDon’t show them! Please. Don’t post that. What are you doing?!

Ulrich: I think I have more to be embarrassed about than you.

RoseOnly for now. Who knows what else will end up in this short.

Gladwin: What’s so terrible about it?

Nicolette: Nothing in particular. It’s just. She’s showing them things that weren’t in the books. I mean. Things that happened after things worked themselves out.

Ulrich: Nothing worked themselves out. There was a lot of us working things out.

Rose: Oh, but you got the best prize of all for working it out.

Ulrich: (Smiling at her with adoration). Yes, I did. That I cannot deny.

Gladwin: (Putting his arms around Nicolette’s waist and squeezing her). Hmmm… Me too.

Nicolette: Gladwin!

Gladwin: What? It’s only Ulrich and Rose.

Nicolette: No, Gldawin. You don’t understand. This isn’t the books. This is–

He cuts her off by kissing her. Rose blinks at them and then looks at Ulrich who smirks at Nicolette’s resistance to what she should have been used to by now. Gladwin has no care for the rules of PDA.

Ulrich gasps when he feels himself pulled down and in a second finds Rose kissing him with just as much fervor as Gladwin is Nicolette. In that moment he realizes this has now become a kissing competition between a prince and a queen. Well…so long as no one else is looking…

Me: Jokes on you! People actually read this blog. They’re all looking!

Nicolette: No!!!!!

So, for readers of Evermagic. Your voices have been heard!


I’ve been getting requests to write more about Gladwin and Nicolette and some other characters since they show up in other books. Here is a sneak peek at a little something I’m working on for you 😉

The best part, it will be on wattpad for FREEEEE!!!!

Rough Draft in the works…

“Gladwin!” Nicolette suddenly called, seeing him now crossing from one room to the other as he spoke quickly with Alexis. When he heard her voice he paused and smiled at her softly, but his tender expression soon turned to panic when he saw she’d broken into a run toward him, lumbering dangerously just like the elephant she had warned him she’d become during her later months of pregnancy. With that smile on her face however, she reminded him very much more of an excited calf swinging its trunk around and about to hurt itself in the process.

“Nicolette!” He cried, holding out his arms and rushing to catch her. “What?”

“Rose is getting married!” She cried, smiling up at him and clutching at his sleeves. He blinked at her and then let out a sigh.

“My Elly darling.” He shook his head, her face turning pink at the private term of endearment he used for only her and giggled at his looking terribly uneasy. “You cannot mean that you wish to attend.”

The light from her face faded and her expression fell. “You cannot mean to stop me.”

“Stop her ladyship from doing what?”

Nicolette whirled around excitedly when she heard the voice near her and launched herself happily at Abigail. The young woman quickly tossed what she carried to the servant who’d been following Nicolette and expertly caught her as he caught the things tossed to him.

“Oh my, highness. What?”

“Rose is getting married!” Nicolette was crying now, too overjoyed by the news to have complete control over her hormonal emotions. “Abigail,” she was wailing now. “Gladwin won’t let me go. I have to go. You have to come with me. What shall we do?” She took a gulp of air then, grabbed Abigail by the shoulders, and looked at her intensely. “We will run away. He won’t be able to catch us if–”

“Nicolette!” Gladwin cried, his hands flying into his hair. She’d been terribly difficult to keep up with since her sixth month. The doctor had warned that her hormones would make her act strangely, but this wasn’t something he’d been prepared for.

[Much later…]

His arms tightened around her and his nose buried in her hair. She snuggled in closer to him, quite satisfied with his desire to continue holding her after the event. Husbands should want to cuddle with their wives after making love. Husbands should want to cuddle with their wives always. She didn’t think she wanted to do anything else ever again…except make love. And then cuddle. But they should always be cuddling.

“Forgive me, Majesty,” the person pressed. “But your friend. Princess Nicolette. She’s gone into labor!” He shouted through the door.

Rose froze and Ulrich’s heart suddenly stumbled to a stop. Or so it seemed. Rose took a moment to make sure it was actually still working and when satisfied that he’d not lost it completely to his surprise, sat up.

“What?” She screeched, her hands flying up into the air. “Why would she do that?”

“Rose.” Ulrich sat up also, his face twisted with amusement and concern. “I don’t think she could help it,” he said.

She threw the blanket off her and jumped out of the bed. Ulrich, not totally used to seeing her without apparel, couldn’t help but stare and admire her despite her urgency. She threw on a robe, but he grabbed her arm before she could make it out the door.

“Put your dress back on at least,” he said, pulling her back. “We don’t need everyone knowing what we’ve been doing in here!”

She paused and looked around at him with a sort of gawking expression, but when she saw that he was serious she giggled and pet his hair as she looked down at him where he sat on the bed.

“Awe.” She kissed his brow and then squeezed him against her chest. “You’re adorable, thinking people don’t know what we’ve been doing not at our own reception.”

Gladwin: You thought we didn’t know?

Ulrich: (A little pink). It hadn’t crossed my mind that it’d be obvious.

Rose: Ulrich. (She’s on her tip toes with puckered lips).

Nicolette: Well, as long as it’s not us being embarrassed.

Gladwin: Why is that embarrassing? They’re married.

Nicolette: Oh, Gladwin.

Gladwin: How do you think you got pregnant?

Nicolette: Gladwin!

Rose: Ulrich!

Ulrich: Yes, my love?

Rose: Stop laughing at them and kiss me! (She grabs his face and forces him to kiss her again). 

Me: You know…you don’t see any of that in The Blue Siren.

SirenSure you do. At least. Ulrich is comfortable enough to tease her then. But…she’s–


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