She’s Come, the Childish Sadist and–oh look. The Secret Project.


Artist Unknown


Secret by Lee Yun-hi

Introducing: Andrew is a character who befriended Nicolette and Prince Gladwin during The Masked Slipper. He’s a kind person and likes to play but is also sly and mischievous. He dotes on Melody and takes care of her with all the love a person is capable of and will do anything she asks of him much the way Gladwin is with Nicolette.








Melody is Nicolette’s stepsister who was the cruelest and is the most stunning of the sisters. Like most of her sisters, she was abused by her mother Claudette and has suffered psychologically from it. Once out from the influence of her mother, she became a devoted and loyal companion but has difficulty making friends because she is slow to trust, always thinking that someone has an alterative motive when they try to get close to you.





Me: Bee doo, bee doop, de-doo.

I glance over where the siren is waiting anxiously. Ber is on the other side of the room pacing. I smile mischievously. Tomorrow is the release date of their book The Blue Siren and they’re both nervous.  

Me: Shena-na-na-naaa…

It’s rather quiet…

Me: Bada-bu.

CarnaYou’ve been thinking about me…

Me: (I glance at her). Mmm, yeah.

Carna: You’ve got plenty of Evermagics written… why not take a break?

Me: You mean Ghost?

Carna: No!

Me: Pchu-pchu.

Carna: (Her brow is twitching). Have you no desire to edit?

Me: (Sighing). Not really. I’ve read that book so many times I’m kind of tired of it.

Rose: You were editing our short just the other night. Isn’t that your Christmas present to our readers?

Me: Yup… I need to work on some art for it. Ugh.

Carna: You can’t just–forget about us!

Me: I’m not. I just have…things to do.

Carna: Your priorities are all wrong!

GladwinI think they’re all right.

Rose: (Laughing) Because you got to be in the short.

Gladwin: Hmmm? It’s not so much my being in it as I appreciate the content. I had a fun conversation with your beloved.

Rose: Oh?

Gladwin: Did you know when he fell in love with you?

Rose: He told you?

Gladwin: (Mischievously). Indeed.

Me: La la la la la!!!

Nicolette comes up from behind him and wraps her hands around his mouth.

NicoletteLet him tell her…

Gladwin: (Laughing out loud). If he dares!

Carna: What do you do with these people?

Me: (Grinning). I love them…like you.

Andrew: Hello everyone!

Me: Whoa! Secret project! What are you doing here?!

Andrew: Just taking a look around. Where’s my girl?

Nicolette: Not here, Lord Andrew.

Andrew: (Pouting). Does she never come here?

Me: Well, she hasn’t yet. But since you’ve shown up who knows.

Andrew: So…readers already know I married Melody. Why is our love story secret?

Me: Gah! Because no one knows I’m writing it as a free to read!

All’s gone silent and I just realize what I’ve said.

Me: Andrew!

Andrew: (Laughing and running away). You said it!

Carna: What a bunch of morons. I’m out of here…

Me: Andrew. Get back here so I can kick your butt!

Melody: Andrew, freeze!

Andrew freezes with a look of adoration on his face when he sees Melody. That’s when I get behind him and kick him hard in the butt so he falls over. I smirk and glance at Melody who bows to me.

Melody: I shall punish him further for you, Mistress.

Andrew: Are we going to get kinky?

Melody: (Looking embarrassed and angry, she grabs him by the collar). Andrew!

I can’t help but love my characters.

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