Thunder, Lightning… Fish Slapping Time!


Epic Patronus by JWiesner


CarnaWhat is going on here? I don’t understand! You wanted to write us this morning, but then you didn’t and now you do again?

Me: It’s the rain! The rain! I get in the mood for Power when it’s raining, especially thunder and lightning…though. It only thundered once. I’m beginning to wonder if that was a neighbor pulling in his garbage because of the rain or something…

Carna: …what?!

Me: And then it stopped raining so I didn’t want to write you any more. It seems that the Power series–because I wrote them in Oregon where it always rains–is something I’m only in the mood for during exotic weather.

Carna: So…when it stopped raining, you didn’t want to write us any more.

Me: Right!

Carna: But then it started raining again so you…want to write?

Me: Well, it’s kinda stopped now. I see blue sunny sky outside my window that way. Maybe I should pull the…what are these things called. They’re not curtains. Well. The dark broody sky is on the other side, so maybe I should cover the sunny side. But…the clouds are moving. So would that be a waste of effort?

Carna: You’re ridiculous! Can’t you just edit us already?

Me: You know, when my dog came in after being outside it was icy rain on his back. Weird, right? Not snow, not hail, but icy rain. I mean. This is California, and yes we’re by the mountains but…I didn’t see icy rain last year.

Carna: California? This place. It is not rainy like Oregon.

Me: (Laughing). Not at all. In fact, it’s sunny and hot most of the year.

Carna: So…if you only like writing Power while it’s rainy we have an explanation as to why you don’t pay much attention to us since moving.

Me: Hmmm. You know. I’ve never thought of it, but. I think you’re right!

Carna(After rudely slapping me with a fish). Get over it and write!

Me: Hey! (I grab a fish. Where did this come from? Oh right. This is my brain–er–imagination. Anyway. I slap her with a fish and now it’s a duel.)

GudomlayUm… (She’s paused from entering as she sees us fighting). I think…I’m going to come back later…

Me: Take that!

I’m the one with the bigger fish. Mwahahahaha!

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