Rain, Glorious, Downpouring Rain! You Have No Power Here!

Introducing: Eyvind is under a tin man’s curse. Though he wasn’t very expressive as a child to begin with, he is now under a spell which prevents him from feeling whatever emotions he might be experiencing, though that is not to say that he doesn’t experience them. I just blew your mind.

Anyway, he’s very logical and is always trying to act according to how he believes he ought to feel, though he holds back sometimes contrary to what his mother believes. She thinks that he often goes too far and would know not to if his curse was broken.

He’s been in love with Maren since he met her as a child, but she and some others aren’t so sure because he can’t feel his love for her and so therefore it might not be there despite how convinced he is that his feelings haven’t changed since he was able to feel them.

He’s incredibly intelligent though a bit naive, and despite not being able to feel fear he is scared that the unicorn currently living with his family will steal Maren away from him before he has a chance to make her his bride.



CarnaIt was raining…for two days straight!

I’m sitting with my newer Evermagic characters Maren and Eyvind. All of us are sitting criss crossed as we watch her scold me.

Carna: And you didn’t even open the Power folder!

Me: I was doing stuff…

Carna: Like what? What was so important that the rain couldn’t even get you to edit my stories?

Me: I was trying out that sugar waxing stuff. It took all day. But hey! (I lift my leg and show it to her). I haven’t had to shave for three whole days and they still look awesome!

Carna: (She slumps to the ground in a heap on her knees). Why? Why was I cursed with this lazy lion of a writer?

Me: I did write…

She glares at me and Maren’s face puffs up as it turns red. Eyvind doesn’t do anything because…Eyvind doesn’t know he ought to be embarrassed by what he did last night.

Me: It was just that I wrote for them. (I point at the two on either side of me).

Carna: Gah!

Eyvind: It is a sunny day…

MarenSo…does that mean you won’t be writing for Power?

Me: I dunno. I’m going to try something new.

Carna: New? (She doesn’t look convinced that this could be a good thing).

Me: Sure. I’m going to try–rotation.

Maren: Rotation?

Me: I’m going to try my hand at working on one chapter of a project a day!

Carna: Then nothing will get done!

Eyvind: On the contrary. Everything will get done, just slowly.

Me: We’ll see how it goes. (I smile at her and she throws her face in her hands to cry).

Maren: Mistress, when will you be returning to our story?

Me: I dunno…

Maren: Do I need to be…concerned? (She glances at Eyvind who looks back at her blank faced).

Me: Ha ha, not for a while. You can relax.

She nods and I’m off to wash this mask off my face…

TakehiroHey! Just because theirs is the story you’re writing doesn’t make them next! What about The Sakura Girl?!

Gasp?! Did I just reveal a title possibility?

Me: ….Hmmm. I think I heard something but…nah.

YuunaDon’t worry, Takehiro. We’ll get her.


Takehiro has a purple flame in his hands, but with a look over my shoulder it flickers out. I smirk and go on my way while Yuuna and Takehiro look absolutely stunned. Take that suckers!


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