When you’re editing a story and receive confirmation that…you’re a jerk author.

The Sakura in the sky by arcipello

The Sakura in the sky by arcipello


Me: Wow…

My characters are sitting at my feet. Watching me. I give them a side glance and shake my head.

Me: Just…wow…

AlesWhat has you marveling so strangely?

Me: I’m a real jerk, you guys.

There’s snickering behind me and I whirl around to glower at the twins. They see my stare and quickly clear their throats and straighten.

Me: I mean. Wow. This next Evermagic story is probably the most romantic I’ve ever written but…it’s also like…the meanest thing I think I’ve ever done to a character. And that’s saying something since I’ve like…killed characters in other books.

YuunaTormenting ones heart is perhaps as painful as it is to lose a loved one to death.

Me: Yeah… (I look over at Takehiro who is in fox form and laying with his back to me). Man, Takehiro. I’m sorry.

Silence follows and I recover quickly, clapping my hands.

Me: But you know what? It’s totally worth it!


Me: I mean, this really is one of the most romantic things I’ve ever written. You’re so freaking cute!

Takehiro: I am not cute!!!

Me: Awe. But you’re so faithful and sweet.

He goes to leap at me but Ales quickly grabs him and keeps him from doing anything she might regret.

Me: Don’t worry kids. Nothing is as bad as what happens in the Power series.

TwinsYeah, we know.

Me: Hey! Come on now! Not everyone dies.

They exchange glances, a sad look on their faces. They turn away from each other then. One looks guilty and the other depressed. I sigh.

Me: All right! I’m a jerk! But as I’ve said before. Sometimes, a story needs a touch of tragedy.

Twins: (Holding each other and crying dramatically). We don’t wanna!!!

Me: Mwahahaha. Now that I’ve finished editing The Sakura’s Secret…is that what I’m going to call it…? Well, anyway. Who is next?!

The characters of Ghost, who have been sitting on the sidelines quietly, exchange glances and shrink. Melody and Andrew who are sitting together make wry faces. And the Power characters are all sleeping.

Me: Well. I guess they’ve given up on me.

And I still haven’t decided what project I’m going to next…

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