Pick a love interest already!

Art: Sekigan

Art: Sekigan



Kunagi: Honestly, though. I mean. Can you give her a lover already?

Gudomlay: Wait a minute. Isn’t it too early for that?

Kunagi: It really depends on where the story goes. Doesn’t it?

Gudomlay: Well, according to her most recent imaginings, it’s going to be a while. Which I’m totally okay with, all right? I mean. I have enough to worry about. Men aren’t really on the top of my list!

Kunagi: That stuff she wrote last night was pretty steamy though.

Gudomlay: That––that’s not going in the book!

Kunagi: I’m not so sure. If that character is chosen for your love interest then it’s very likely going to make an appearance. But even if it’s not. Considering how many volumes our mistress intends to stretch this story out for, the idea of you not having more than one possibility is ridiculous.

Gudomlay: Why do you say that?!

Kunagi: Because of the way she’s written you. The woman has based you off herself the way she does with a character in all her series but has allowed for creative liberties so you’re not like them. A person has enough layers you could probably base a great many characters off of one individual without them overlapping too much.

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Gudomaly: But what does that have to do with more than one possibility?

Kunagi: Do you know how many flirts she’s had to suffer through. Do your research and hang around when she’s not paying attention to you. She had two unofficial proposals in one summer!

Gudomlay: Wow, really?

Me: Okay, but we don’t need to get into that. They weren’t exactly real to begin with.

Gudomlay: But, my lady. Two in one summer?

Me: Sucks for you, doesn’t it.

Gudomlay: Ugh!

Kunagi: So. Which of your many ideas is it going to be, Mistress?

Me: …why do I have to choose now?!

Kunagi: It would give me a bit of reassurance to know which man I’ll be giving her away to.

Me: How do you know you’re not in the running?

Kunagi: I doubt that very much. It seems to me you’ve already decided not to go in that direction with the relationship. Besides. I raised the girl. It would be very odd if I fell in love with her too.

Me: But the more you talk about it the more I like the idea.

Gudomlay: You are very strange, Mistress.

Me: I know…

Gudomlay: I really thought you were going to give me to Valdr.

Kunagi: But then she considered giving you to his brother. But he’d have to turn good for that to happen and he’s more useful as a bad guy.

Me: Right!

Gudomlay: So then…who are the others?

Kunagi: Well, anyone living is out since you d––

Me: Shhh!!! Why would give that away?

Kunagi: Oh come on, it’s not like it’s a real death.

Me: But it sort of is.

Screenshot 2016-03-14 16.54.00

Gudomlay: Why do you have to make things so complicated, Mistress?

Kunagi: And what makes you think a character like Godal is good for her?

Gudomlay: Who’s that?

Me: An awesome character, powerful and cool with character flaws like he should have!

Kunagi: I prefer Valdr. He doesn’t have any character flaws.

Me: Just because I haven’t given him any yet…

Gudomlay: Oh, but if you did, it would ruin his purpose.

Me: True… But do I want them together? You lived to die for him… Oh, but that really is romantic.

Gudomlay: But he’s not very passionate.

Me: Right! Godal, however…

Kunagi: Yes, you two keep trying to figure this out while I go take a nap…

Me: I mean, I really like the idea of his flirting with you. But I also like the idea of Valdr not liking it.

Gudomlay: Oh dear.

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