It just got squishy in here…

Art by: LAS-T

Art by: LAS-T


I’m sitting in front of my computer…trying to get things done but… I’ve got Doristanen wrapped around me from behind, the twins on either side of me, and Carna laying in my lap.

Me: Um…you guys?

Twins: You did so well!

Carna: A whole nine chapters in one night.

Doristanen: We are proud of you, Mistress.

Me: I was just…editing.

Burak: But who knows how long it will be until you pick us up again.

Guntur: It’s just nice that you thought of us for once.

Me: Hey! I think about you guys all the time.

Carna: Doing something and thinking are two different things.

Guntur: And you did us!

Everyone else: Um…

Me: He doesn’t think like that!

Screenshot 2016-03-14 16.54.00

Guntur: Think like what?

Doristanen: Do not ask us.

Me: …so anyway. I have things to do before I have to leave. Can you all maybe…get off?

Burak: No way! We’re going to bask in the bliss of our lady for as long as we can!

Doristanen: You do not like us being with you?

Me: It’s not that! That’s not what I think at all!

Carna: She doesn’t think that way of you at all.

Doristanen: (Grinning). Then everyone else may go.

Carna and I exchange glances and she smirks at my troubled face.

Carna: (Whispering). Afraid of being left alone with him?

Me: You should know!

Doristanen: (Taking Carna’s hand and pulling her). You can stay too.

Carna: Wha?!

Burak: Doesn’t Doristanen seem more cheeky than usual?

Guntur: Yeah. And way more mischevious.

They look at me, a look of disapproval on their faces and shake their heads as one. 

Twins: That’s our dirty-minded mistress.

Me: No way! It’s not me!


Carna: To be honest, he’s always had this hidden side to him…

Me: That’s not until the last book!

Twins: Yup. Dirty-minded mistress.

Me: Stop it!

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