Stop monopolizing my MC!

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Introducing: Zhi Feng is a star student at Black Eel Academy in the Ghost series. He’s incredibly intelligent and works as a technician at the school. He’s a master ninja, linguist (specializing in dead languages and runes), technician (dealing with all things computers), and katana user. He mostly keeps to himself until he becomes friends with Gudomlay.

His family is secretly the head of an organization that smuggles good people whom the Emporer of their city would torture/kill into the Wild Lands, most often faking their death to succeed. But to keep up appearances within the city walls, he often has to pretend to be all right with the way things are done within the city. He’s incredibly kind and a gentleman who can make anyone feel comfortable if he bothers to put in the effort. But the only one he ever puts the effort in for is Gudomlay. And he can’t have her.



Me: Oh my gosh! What are you doing, Zhi?

Zhi: What are you talking about? I’m just sitting here.

Me: You’ve monopolized a whole… (goes back to count). Three, soon to be almost four chapters of this book in one go!

Zhi: You’re the one who keeps getting ideas and can’t stop from adding it all in.

Me: Come on. Let her go already.

Zhi: I don’t want to!

Me: Sucks for you!

Zhi: Wait, you just sent her away. Give her back. Things were actually going really well!

Me: Tch, yeah. Until you let her watch three guys get executed by the firing squad and another commit suicide. You’ve got a great streak going today, bud.

Zhi: You did that! Not me. Everything was perfect until you decided to get deviant. Why couldn’t you just keep those guys out of the cafe?

Me: She had to see that sort of stuff for the arch to progress. I can’t help that she was out with you when it happened.

Zhi: Yes, you could! Why can’t I just have a normal day with her? I mean. Every time we’re together something weird happens or there’s competition.

Me: Not on Lover’s Day.

Zhi: She gave me a gift in the classroom. And put me in the friend zone.

Me: Hey, it can’t be helped. Besides. It’s not like she did that with the idea of “friend zone” in mind.

Zhi: Are you saying I have a chance?

Me: Who knows. I’m not going to say anything.

KunagiWell I will! No way! Not going to happen! You’re not good enough for M’lay. She belongs to someone else. I will never give her to you!

Me: Whoa. Calm down now, professor.

Kunagi: What’s with all these guys. I have a burly stripe in love with her and now a techy ninja star? Are you trying to make this parenting thing impossible for me?!

Me: You forgot most of the boys at school.

Zhi: They don’t count!

Me: And why not? Becuase you don’t want them to have a chance?

Zhi: She doesn’t even talk to most of them!

Kunagi: What? Really? (Grumbling). That Tapp. She told me they were all after her. Stressing me out. I can’t handle these living human things.

Zhi: Living?

Me: Uh… Kunagi. That’s a secret.

Kunagi: (Shouting at me). I don’t want to do this anymore!

Me: You’re the one who ran away from you know where.

Kunagi: If I do recall, I was originally a simple familiar spirit. You’re the one who decided to make it more interesting.

Me: Interesting is always better.

Zhi: Yeah, well. I don’t think you should be doing what you’re planning in this chapter you paused from writing to push this post out.

Me: You’re only saying that because she’s going to hate you.

Zhi: I don’t do anything to deserve it!

Kunagi: Make her hate him!!!

Me: Oh my goodness. Would you both please calm down? I need to get to writing here.

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