Why is everyone naked?!

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Me: Why is everyone naked?!

XWhat do you mean, we’re all fully clothed?

Me: Every time I go into my feed or check out a book group everyone’s posting ads and covers with naked people on it. Why? Why is this a thing? Why is it such a popular thing?!

X: Look, I can get naked if you want. I’ve had enough to drink today so I don’t mind––

Me: Stop right now!

He freezes, looking at me from where he’s sitting and starting to take off his shirt. We’re frozen, me with my hands stretched out to stop him and he just looking at me with a dumb look on his face.


Me: Uh-oh… He’s found out.

Zhi: What is the meaning of this?! (He’s waving a document I’ve just edited in my face. It’s got pics of how I imagine my characters in Ghost and a quick status blurb about each. And his has changed.) You’re making me a ba––

Me: Don’t say it! Don’t you dare let those words come out of your mouth to be seen on this page!


Zhi: (Grinding his teeth). You are replacing me with my brother?

Me: It just felt…right.

X: What feels right is sake.

Zhi: (Glaring at him). Give me that. (He yanks it away and drinks). How could you do this to me?

Me: Oh please, as if darkness wasn’t hiding inside of you all along. It’s not like I just decide these things. Your character is revealed to me bits at a time. I mean, geese. You let a kid get beat up.

Zhi: That was not my fault.

Me: And a bunch of people get executed for robbing a cafe. I mean. Who that is a serious robber robs a cafe?

Zhi: There were chandeliers made of crystal and gold in the walls with rich people dining there wearing expensive jewels. It was a prime target spot!

Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

X: Not going to lie, kid. It just sounds like you’re making up excuses.

Zhi: Stay out of this! You aren’t even involved!

X: I’m here, so I am involved. (He’s stood, his fists on his hips as he looks down at Zhi.)

Me: Uh, hey…guys?

Zhi: Are you challenging me, fish?

X: Fish? I’ll have you know… (he stretches out his hand so a jade trident appears). I’m a Kraken!

Screenshot 2016-03-14 16.54.00

Zhi: (Drawing his katana). So I’ll be having you for my supper tonight.

Me: Yo! stupids! What are you––

Ignoring me, they let out a war cry and clash together. I stare, my head back as a flash of magical glowing light blasts out from their collision. Magic… Why is my head always full of magic? Hmmm… I didn’t know Zhi was so easy to make snap. He must be under a lot of pressure. And I thought he was the level-headed one. As for X-Kraken-Man…

Me: Meh, I expect it from him… (I glance at the art for this post and wonder). Which one of you is the girl in the picture?

Both: Him!

Let’s be honest. They both look like girls to me. What can I say. I like my men effeminate. 

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