Death is annoyed…

Sacrilegium by ramsesmelendeze

Sacrilegium by ramsesmelendeze

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“It even smelt different. Cold and damp like he imagined death…” —Fire’s Hart

SableReally? Really?!

Me: Hey! Chill out. This was before you were a character.

Sable: I smell cold and damp? (She sniffs herself). That is a lie! A blatant unwarranted lie! I do not smell cold and damp. I may be cold and sometimes it may be damp in my domain, but do not smell cold and damp.

Me: How about you complain to the guy who made the connection. (I reach out into the empty space and pull out Ulrich who blinks sheepishly at my guest.)

Sable: (Glaring at him). Cold and damp do I smell?

Me: Geese, you Yoda now?

Sable: What makes you think Death smells cold and damp?

UlrichIt was just a thought. A feeling. I can’t help it if I didn’t realize you were a person. Besides. The death in that thought’s sentence wasn’t capitalized. So if you’re being technical, I wasn’t referring you but the state of being dead.

Sable: I bathe!

Ulrich: (looking at me). She’s not going to let this go, is she?

Me: (Shrugging). Well, I have a tendency to hold on to things and she is the me in Evermagic so…

Ulrich: Why are you women so impossible? It was just a passing thought in a moment of near horrific circumstances.

Me: You better be careful. Who knows when your wife might show up.

6624111_origRose: Impossible, are we?

Me: Like that!

Ulrich: She only came because you thought of her reaction to what I just said!

Me: I can’t help it if that’s the way of the flow.

RoseSo, am impossible?

Ulrich: Look, Rose. It was just a blanket statement.

Sable: Those are the most dangerous.

Me: (Chuckling). And now he’s really in trouble…

Ulrich: Wait…since when was Death a woman?

Me: We’re killing the cliche!

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